The UNIOSUN Admission Portal serves is a valuable resource for individuals who wishes to enroll as students at the university. To stand a chance in getting admission, you need to be equipped with information and that is what we bring you as you read through.

UNIOSUN Admission Portal



Osun State University functions as a traditional, multi-campus institution to produce high-quality, versatile, globally competitive, and entrepreneurial graduates.

These graduates are intended to act as catalysts for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development in both Osun State and Nigeria.

After receiving approval from the National University Commission on December 21, 2006, Osun State University (UNIOSUN) achieved the status of the 30th State University and the 80th in the Nigerian University system.

UNIOSUN is structured as a conventional university with a vision to evolve into a center of excellence, providing exceptionally high-quality teaching and learning experiences.

The university’s approach is geared towards developing well-rounded, entrepreneurial graduates capable of making positive impacts in their respective environments and competing on a global scale.

UNIOSUN’s mission is dedicated to establishing a distinctive institution committed to academic innovation, skill-based training, and a tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and community service.

Operating within a collegiate system, UNIOSUN functions as a multi-campus institution, embodying its commitment to providing a comprehensive and impactful educational experience.


How to Access the UNIOSUN Admission Portal

The UNIOSUN Admission Portalis where you can access information about the institution’s admissions. You can simply check the UNIOSUN Portal by doing this:

1. Launch your web browser

2. Visit the UNIOSUN Website by CLICKING HERE

3. Locate the Navigation Tap on top of the UNIOSUN Homepage

4. Locate and Tap on E Portal

5. Under E Portal, tap on Undergraduate Admissions Portal to Proceed

UNIOSUN General Admission Requirements

To gain admission to any of the University’s first-degree programs, candidates must satisfy the admission requirements outlined by the respective Faculty and Department as specified.

In addition to the Faculty-specific criteria, candidates are expected to possess the following minimum qualifications:

1. For admission to the 100 level, candidates must hold the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or its equivalents, with credit level passes in five (5) subjects, obtained in no more than two sittings.

2. Candidates must also achieve an acceptable score in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board’s University Matriculation Examination (UME).

For those seeking direct entry into the 200 level, the following conditions apply:

1. Two (2) Advanced Level passes or approved equivalents are required.

2. Credit level passes in three other subjects at the SSCE or its equivalents are also necessary.

In all instances of admission to the University, a credit level pass in the English Language is mandatory. Furthermore, a credit level pass in Mathematics is specifically required for courses in the sciences, Social Sciences, and Management Sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Students Applied for Uniosun This Year?

On Tuesday, Professor Clement Adebooye, the Vice-Chancellor of Osun State University, disclosed that around 23,400 aspiring students have applied for admission. These applicants are competing for available slots in the university, which presently has a quota of over 6,000 for the academic session 2023/2024.

2. Is Osun State University Admission List Out?

The final admission list for a variety of degree programs for the 2023–2024 academic year has been formally announced by Osun State University.

Through the Undergraduate Admissions portal, prospective candidates who participated in the entrance screening process can check their admission status. Date: [Enter month or year] 16th.

3. What are the Admission Requirements for UNIOSUN?

Unless otherwise noted, candidates must have a minimum of five credits, including English language and four other required subjects, achieved in no more than two sittings in order to be considered for admission to any postgraduate program at Osun State University.

4. What is the Acceptance Fee for UNIOSUN?

Candidates who are accepted into the program must pay an acceptance fee of N40,000.00 to be granted provisional admission.

5. How Much is Osun State University School Fees Per Semester?

At Osun State University in Osogbo, the updated tuition costs range from ₦160,000 to ₦235,000 for fresh enrollment and from ₦100,000 to ₦105,000.

It is recommended that prospective students review the department-specific cost data on the official school website. Date: 2023 October 8.


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