Southville International School tuition fee is greatly determined by the level or grade of education you are enrolled in.

The school comprises different academic grade levels, hence Southville International School tuition fee amount will not be the same for all. To know how much each grade level will be as tuition, keep reading!!

Southville International School tuition fee

Consequently, if you mention top schools in the Philippines, Southville International Schools will be on the list. As a top school, the  Southville International School tuition fee might be high for a certain group of persons.

However, the school organizes scholarships for students to help them cater to their education.

This article is dedicated to educating you about Southville International School tuition fees and the scholarships available. But before that, let’s give you a brief overview of the school.

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Overview of Southville School

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) is a well-known educational institution located in Las Piñas City, Philippines.

It is a private school that offers a range of educational programs from pre-school to higher education. Here is an overview of Southville International School ;

Southville International School is located in Las Piñas City, which is part of the greater Manila metropolitan area in the Philippines.

Equally important, SISC offers a comprehensive range of educational levels, including:

  • Pre-school and Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary School
  • Junior High School
  • Senior High School
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
  • College and Post-graduate programs

Southville International School is known for its international curriculum and affiliations. It has been authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, offering the IB Diploma Program, which is recognized globally for its rigorous academic standards.

The school offers a variety of academic programs that aim to prepare students for future success. This includes a strong emphasis on academics, as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The school often attracts students from diverse cultural backgrounds, creating a multicultural learning environment.

It’s important to check whether the school maintains accreditation from relevant educational bodies in the Philippines.

In the past, SISC has been accredited by recognized educational associations.

Southville International School Tuition Fee

Southville International School tuition and miscellaneous fees vary by program and course. Here is a breakdown of tuition fees according to the educational level;

  •  Senior High School: PHP 220,000 (Per Term)
  •  Bachelor’s degree: PHP 500,000 (Per Term)
  •  Master’s degree: PHP 240,000 (Per Term)

Southville International School and Foreign Affiliations

Dr. Genevieve Ledesma-Tan founded Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in 1990, which quickly expanded into a full international school.

In 1997, Roger and Helen Bartholomew collaborated with the SISC founder to launch Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), the first international university in the nation.

Consequently, in May 1998, the opening of SISFU was graced by prestigious dignitaries and a sizable contingent from the pre-university.

Therefore, as trade barriers are broken down and nations increasingly rely on one another for a wide range of goods and services, the necessity for a top-notch education is expanding quickly.

Hence, knowledge and skill can no longer be learned in isolation thanks to modern communication technologies.

Without a doubt, a focused and applicable curriculum, professional and industry-recognized credentials, international textbooks, state-of-the-art technology, integrated learning methodologies, and an international faculty are all characteristics of SISFU.

Additionally, the connection between specially created facilities and a motivated student population is reflected in the learning environment.

The option for students to complete their final year of study abroad would still be available.

SISFU wants to deliver a top-notch education to the Philippines so that its students can compete in the market on a worldwide scale. In the future, SISFU won’t be extraordinary or unusual; instead, it will be how all college education is provided.

Southville International School Tuition Fee Aid (Scholarship)

Obviously, you don’t have to pay back funding such as scholarships. Scholarships that are need-based take into account a student’s financial situation.

Consequently, Merit-based scholarships are given to students who excel in academics or sports.

Indeed, you can also be eligible for a scholarship based on your involvement in volunteer work, special interests or traits, personal background, or the job or military experience of your parents.

Some students receive scholarships that are sufficient to pay for both their tuition and living costs. Students from outside the state who have excelled academically may be eligible for merit-based scholarships.

However, to gain this financial assistance, you must get a certain percentage of the mark for a scholarship to be eligible.

Without a doubt, aspiring and current students can apply for nationwide scholarship opportunities. This will help the students continue their education at Southville School.

Hence, you need a guide on how to get a scholarship. This guide provides insight into the types of scholarships available, the application process, and how to improve your odds of being awarded a scholarship.

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Southville Scholarships

Southville Global Education Network (SGEN) through Southville International School and Colleges, is duly recognized by the Department of Education as the “School of the Future”.

Also, internationally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in the U.S.A., is conducting its annual Search for T.O.P.S. (Top Outstanding Performing Students) Program.

This search is open to graduating public and private high school students from all over the country.

The major benefits of winners are scholarships in the SGEN schools. For example, Southville International School and Colleges, South Mansfield College, and South SEED-LPDH College are major beneficiaries.

Application is ongoing. Download the application form and email the completed form to [email protected]

On the whole, the following requirements are essential for the scholarship:

  • Certificate of Ranking with GWA together with the number of graduating students (Grade 11)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Photocopy of Grade 11 Report Card
  • Photocopy of 1st Quarter Grade 12 Report Card (if available)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • 2pcs of 2×2 pictures

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