February 26, 2024

Cobell Scholarship:  Indigenous Education, Inc. supports Cobell Funding’s mission to give potential candidates and inquirers the best information possible about this thoroughly thought-out scholarship opportunity. Read More for more information.

Cobell Scholarship

They strongly advise reading these materials so that you can respond to the application questions in the best way possible.

Between September 1, 2023, and January 10, 2024, you can apply for the 2024 Graduate Summer Research Fellowship.

Graduate and undergraduate opportunities for the academic year 2024–2025 will go on sale on December 15, 2023.

While funds are still available, the 2023–2024 Vocational Application is now accessible. Be warned that some people are experiencing trouble calling the IEI staff.

Please email us your question, and we will respond as soon as we can.

The issue is being resolved with our telephone vendor and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Cobell Scholarship Application

Offers for Cobell Scholarships are made on the basis of merit after a drawn-out application and recommendation procedure.

Awards for the Cobell Scholarship are given out in accordance with the regulations of the various colleges and universities as well as US Federal Student Aid guidelines.

The Cobell Scholarship is an annual, non-renewable award given to post-secondary (high school-level) students who meet the following criteria:

  • they must be enrolled members of a US federally recognized tribe
  • enrolled or planning to enroll in full-time study
  • and seeking a degree at any non-profit,
  • a public or private institution that has received national, regional, or industry accreditation.

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Verification Processes

All submitted applications are reviewed by a number of highly competent Native education specialists who work for Indigenous Education, Inc.

Hundreds of carefully screened and chosen applicants receive merit-based offers after this review, and they advance into FINALIST status in the first few days of May every year. In this phase, numerous things take place at once:

Finalists must accept (or reject) the offer before submitting their completed most recent transcripts and documentation of their enrolment in the subsequent term for which financing will be provided.

Depending on the specific institutional policies, this could happen very early on or very late in the process. We also like to see students’ faces, therefore a photo upload is an option.

The post-acceptance process typically remains open throughout the summer in order to accommodate this as well as to reduce stress on the Finalist. It is important to understand that during this time, scholarship offers will not be lost; and,

The staff works with tribal enrollment offices to verify citizenship, and the staff works with financial aid offices to verify university attendance and financial aid eligibility.

*In some rare instances, they need the Finalist’s assistance in reaching out to these offices, but for most, IEI tries to do the heavy lifting for Finalists.

At any point in the verification process a Finalist chooses to attend a different school or contact information changes, they can simply log in to make changes or contact our offices for assistance.

Disbursement of funds is processed on a first-completed, first-funded basis, each Friday throughout each academic term.

**Each year, a waitlist is established. Individuals on the waitlist can see this status in OASIS. Offers to individuals on the waitlist can be made at any time during the academic year; therefore, it is important that applicants keep their information updated in OASIS.

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