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GKS Scholarship Program

In today’s world, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of individuals and societies. Unfortunately, many talented and deserving students face financial constraints that hinder their pursuit of higher education.

However, for those aspiring to study in South Korea, the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program offers a beacon of hope. On this page we will delve into the details of the GKS scholarship, highlighting its significance, application process, benefits, and tips for success.


Understanding the GKS Scholarship

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program is a government-funded initiative by the Korean government designed to attract outstanding international students to pursue higher education in South Korea.

Administered by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), the GKS scholarship program aims to promote cultural exchange and foster global leadership.

It covers various degree levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in diverse fields of study.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the GKS scholarship, candidates must meet specific criteria, which typically include academic excellence, health requirements, and language proficiency.

To be eligible for the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program, candidates must demonstrate academic excellence, possess good health, and meet language proficiency requirements.

The specific eligibility criteria may vary based on the degree level and field of study.

Aspiring applicants must carefully review the guidelines provided by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) and ensure they fulfill all necessary requirements before proceeding with their application.

GKS Scholarship Application Process

The application process for the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program is a multi-step procedure designed to identify and select the most promising international students for higher education opportunities in South Korea.

Here is a detailed overview of the GKS scholarship application process:

1. Research and Prepare

Before initiating the application process, candidates should thoroughly research the GKS scholarship and identify the degree level and field of study they wish to pursue.

Gather information about eligible universities and programs that offer GKS scholarships and assess their suitability based on academic interests and career goals.

2. Check Eligibility Criteria

Review the eligibility criteria set forth by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED).

Ensure that you meet the specific requirements, which may include academic achievements, health standards, and language proficiency (Korean or English, depending on the chosen program).

3. Gather the Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents required for the application. Commonly requested documents include academic transcripts, diplomas or certificates, letters of recommendation, a study plan or research proposal, a personal statement, and language proficiency test scores (e.g., TOPIK or TOEFL/IELTS).

4. Submit an Online Application

Complete the online application form through the NIIED’s designated application portal or the university’s application platform.

Provide accurate and detailed information as required in the application form. Double-check for any errors or omissions before submitting.

5. Choose Application Track (Embassy or University Track):

Depending on your nationality and country of residence, you may need to apply through either the Embassy Track or the University Track.

The Embassy Track involves applying through the Korean embassy in your home country, while the University Track requires direct application to the chosen Korean university.

6. Await the Results of the Document Review

After the submission deadline, the NIIED or the respective universities will conduct a thorough review of the applications. Shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next stages of the selection process.

7. Interview (if applicable)

Depending on the university’s or embassy’s policies, candidates may be required to participate in an interview.

The interview is an opportunity for the selection committee to assess the candidate’s academic aspirations, communication skills, and overall suitability for the scholarship.

8. Receive a Letter of Acceptance (LoA)

Candidates who successfully pass the application review and interview (if applicable) will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the chosen Korean university. The LoA is a crucial document required for the scholarship application.

9. Final Selection and Notification

The final selection results will be communicated to the candidates. Successful applicants will be officially notified of their GKS scholarship award through the NIIED or the respective university.

10. Visa Application and Preparations:

With the Letter of Acceptance in hand, recipients of the GKS scholarship must apply for a student visa (D-2 visa) at the nearest Korean embassy or consulate in their home country. Additionally, they should make preparations for their travel and accommodation in South Korea.

Benefits  of the GKS Scholarship

The GKS scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for selected candidates. By securing this scholarship, students are entitled to a range of benefits, such as tuition fees, monthly stipends, settlement allowances, round-trip airfare, and access to Korean language training programs.

Additionally, GKS scholars also receive opportunities for internships, research projects, and cultural experiences, further enriching their academic journey.


Conclusion: The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program opens doors to outstanding international students, providing a life-changing opportunity to pursue higher education in South Korea. This comprehensive article has explored the significance of the scholarship, its application process, benefits, and tips for success.

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