December 2, 2023

This article aims to explore the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria as there are tons of other skills to learn which are non-digital.

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

Digital Skills are the kinds of skills that are employed over the internet to solve problems.

These skills are normally complemented by the use of software that aids in the task to be carried out.

Best Digital Skills to learn In Nigeria

When most people hear digital skills, their mind immediately takes them to code which can be a hassle for many people.

This article will dwell more on other digital skills with good pay other than coding that just anyone can pick up and begin their journey in the tech world.

1. Community Management and Moderation

Community management and moderation have come to be highly sought-after skills as most companies are increasing their online and virtual presence due to the change in technological trends influenced largely by COVID-19.

What is Community Management Social Media?

Most companies have a large base of community members with some communities reaching over a million members on platforms like Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

It is therefore very necessary to have tech-savvy individuals who can manage, administer, and pilot the affairs of these communities for maximum engagement.

Community Management which happens on social media is the art of managing, administering, and piloting the affairs of an online community with the sole aim to boost engagements as well as grow the community.

Importance of Community Management

There is a lot of importance to managing an online community, but the main reasons are outlined below:

1. To keep the community engaged and attract new people with the potential to be investors

2. To maintain a positive image of the company at all times

3. Keep communication lines open for inputs from the community members and

4. The moderation and filtering of the content posted on the community

5. This is where we have community managers and moderators come in to fill the gap.

6. Although they both work hand in hand, their roles are separated by a chasm the size of a great canyon.

To this end, let’s explore their job roles

Community Manager Roles

1. Creates policies and guidelines for the community.

2. Defines the roles and responsibilities of the community.

3. Chooses the right interaction styles and features.

4. Creates communication arrangements for members of the community.

5. Creates and manages a content calendar that is both interesting and useful.

6. Create a measuring program and inform stakeholders about it.

7. Directs and manages moderators

The Community Moderator Roles

1. Understands and implement the community’s rules and policies.

2. evaluates Participation in the community

3. Assists in maintaining a positive environment.

4. Takes action on the reports of abuse.

5. Reacts appropriately to requests and suggestions from members.

6. Positively promote productive users in a subtle manner.

7. Assists with events, marketing, and campaigns.

Community Manager and Moderator Salary

1. A community manager earns an average of $66,201 annually

2. A community moderator earns an average of $39,809 annually

2. Web design

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

With a lot of traditional businesses establishing an online presence, web designing is one of the Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria, as it is a highly sought-after skill that is important to put a business online.

Web design is an entry-level skill that serves to introduce one to the standards of the internet and grounds your knowledge of the working principles of what is rendered on the screens today.

With this, a lot of businesses looking to have exposure on the internet will likely contact you first before a backend developer to help create an interface or structure through which their customer can interface with their services.

Web design can be done with packages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript for beginners. Full-stack developers may also want to learn languages like Python or NodeJs.

Web Designer Salary: A web designer earns an average of $60,000 annually

3. Blockchain & Web3 Development

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

The majority of what we will do in the nearest future will be on Web3 powered by blockchain and so it’s necessary to learn skills that will be around for the next 10 years at least.

Although blockchain rewards already established skills like writing, marketing, promotions, and programming, it takes all these skills to a different level as the approach to utilizing these skills on web 3 has been revolutionized with particular attention to how content creators can earn with little to no third-party involvement.

To get into the programming aspect of blockchain, you would be expected to have a solid knowledge of programming languages like Solidity, Javascript, NodeJs, C++, and Python to earn a decent salary.

How Much Does Blockchain Dev Earn?

A junior blockchain developer earns an average of $109,766 – $120,000 annually, while a senior blockchain developer can earn as much as $210,000 annually.

4. Virtual Assistant

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

A virtual assistant is a person who is adept at providing administrative services over the internet to clients with the need to organize their calendars.

What Does a Virtual Office Assistant do?

A virtual assistant will need to be one who is also personally organized with a high level of self-awareness, initiative, and emotional intelligence to be able to fit into this role.

Their main roles include:

1. Making appointments and phone calls with other clients according to the priority of impact that will be had on the organization or client he represents.

2. Managing emails and messages with the ability to know which one is of more importance

3. Management of travel arrangements

4. Organization of the client’s calendar and closely work with the client for effectiveness.

Requirements of a Virtual Assistant

He will need to have a good laptop, smartphone, constant light, and a strong internet connection at all times for an online presence.

Moreso, he will also need to have access to tools like google meet, skype, or the client’s preferred communication medium and be able to use them.

Virtual Assistant Salary

A virtual assistant earns an average of $63,000 annually

5. Proofreading

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

A proofreader is a person who double-checks and triple-checks content to make sure it’s free of spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting, typographical, grammatical,  and other errors.

Proofreader Salary: A Proofreader earns an average of $61,000 annually

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7. Seo Writing

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

Seo writing is a form of content writing which utilizes keywords used to match the searcher’s intent.

This form of writing is primarily suited for articles looking to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and uses a combination of technical and on-page tweaks to boost the articles which in turn drives more traffic that can lead to more sales or revenue from advertisements.

Seo Writer Salary: An SEO Writer earns an average of $39,000 annually

8. Copywriting

Best Digital Skills To learn In Nigeria

A copywriter is a person who is adept at writing a concise and compelling story for the purpose of engaging, selling, or educating potential buyers about a product or service.

They are so useful to the marketing ecosystem that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates pays them so well. In his own words contained in his article titled “Content Is King (1/3/1996)“, he said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Copywriter Salary: A copywriter earns an average of $45,000 and can go as high as $70,000 annually

9. Technical Writing

A Technical Writer is a person who combines the skills of a writing expert and a system support officer.

They are expected to have a deep technical understanding of platforms and programming languages to be able to generate quality technical documents targeted at solving technical issues or a walk-through guide on how to utilize the software or equipment.

The Scripting Languages and tools available to technical writers are Python, JavaScript, Jinja, REST APIs, AJAX, CSS, Gits, and others.

Technical Writer Job Salary

A technical writer earns an average of $61,000 annually

10. Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketer is an individual exceptionally skilled at using digital tools to create and define marketing strategies, analyze and create campaigns, then monitor and analyze his strategy to optimize for the most impact.

They make use of tools like Visme, OptiMonk, Optimizely, optimized, SEMrush, SendGrid, Audiense, Loomly, Sprout Social

Digital Marketer Salary: A Digital marketer earns an average of $68,000 annually

11. UI/UX

UI/UX means User interface/ User experience and simply denotes a designer whose specialty is the right combination of text, colors, and elements on the screen in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and simple for the users to interact with.

UI/UX designer is not only limited to designing web and app interfaces, they can also choose to specialize in book cover designs, chart designs, infographics, and other sub-niches.

They make use of tools like Photoshop, Figma, Canva, and other design tools.

Miscellaneous Digital Skills

Other digital skills include Business Developer and Manager, Analyst and ecosystem map manager (for the blockchain savvy peeps), social media management, NFT Managers, and pretty much a list of jobs that are constantly being added as we move closer to businesses getting on the metaverse.

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