How much is NNPC Scholarship Worth? Are you a Nigerian student looking for an amazing scholarship scheme? Do you need financial assistance to help in your academic journey? Do you know how much is NNPC Scholarship is worth? Then congratulations you are in the right place. Get excellent information on this article. Keep reading!


How Much is NNPC Total Scholarship Worth

NNPC awards Scholarships to Nigerian students with exceptional academic performance in their field of study. The Nigerian National petroleum cooperation(NNPC) in line with total upstream companies in Nigeria(TUCN), Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (Total E&P Nig Ltd), and Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI), awards scholarships to Nigerian students every year.

Definitely, these students receive this award in tertiary institutions across the country whose academic performance is extremely outstanding.

Hence, the Scholarship Scheme offers annual scholarship aids to successful candidates from the year of the collection of awards (that is, the first year or second year) till they complete their degree program. Then, you might ask, how much is NNPC Scholarship Worth?

In recent years, the NNPC has been using this as a medium to contribute its quota to the Educational Development of Nigerian Students.

Also, as part of their records, it is one of NNPC’s amazing social responsibilities, and the scholarship scheme has always been a huge success yearly.

Besides, the main objective of this merit award by the Total Scholarship scheme is not just to award students with excellent performance in their field of study. Consequently, it is to encourage students, promote academic excellence, and quality Manpower Development in the country.

Scholarship Requirements

Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation(NNPC) has certain rules in regard to the standards that will be in use to select eligible candidates.

So as have said earlier, the scholarship scheme is for students in Tertiary Institutions. However, The scholarship is not open to all students in the institution but to those with outstanding performance in their field of study. Below is a comprehensive list of requirements you need to meet the criteria and eligibility status for the scholarship ;

  • is required of all interested candidates to be Registered Full-Time Undergraduates in any accredited Nigerian institution.
  • Candidate must be a certified 100 or 200-level undergraduate student.
  • Proof of SSCE or Equivalent certificate will be required. It is expected that applicants should possess all necessary certificates in their original form.
  • Proof of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) score will be required.
  • Applicant Admission Letter from any tertiary institution in Nigeria or a Matriculation Number is part of the requirement needed.


The DON’Ts in NNPC Scholarship

Meanwhile, if you are a Nigerian student and you fall into these categories. Please do not apply ;

  • Do not apply if you are an applicant that scored below 200 in the UTME. Applicants with such scores will face rejection
  • Are you a 300-level student in any tertiary institution? Do not apply. You won’t even be considered. However, this opportunity is for 200-level students and below.
  • Students with less than a 2.50 CGPA on a 5-point scale or equivalent should not apply.
  • Do not apply if you are a current beneficiary of similar award schemes from other International Oil Companies.

How Much is the NNPC Scholarship?

Definitely, the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation Merit Award Scheme is a fully funded scholarship scheme for Undergraduate students in Nigeria alone. Subsequently, the winner will receive the sum of 150,000 NGN annually.

Following this, the sum of money given will cover the student tuition fee, accommodation, book allowance, and other personal or educational needs. Now, we have tackled the question of how much is NNPC Scholarship is Worth. Then, let’s show you how to apply.

How to Apply For NNPC Scholarship

Applying for an NNPC scholarship becomes easier when you follow the necessary steps. Meanwhile, you can access the application form online through a website that we will provide at the end of this article. Therefore, all you need to do is fill in the necessary details in the application form. Here is how to apply;

  • As an applicant, it requires you to fill in your personal and contact information. These include; Date of birth, Permanent home address, active Email, current Mobile Number, and recent passport photograph.
  • Fill in your Origin; that is student State of Origin and Local Government Area of Origin. You will upload a copy of proof of your origin. Ensure all documents are original copies
  • Your University Information is very important and must be authentic. The information should include the name of the institution, course, and year of study.
  • You will upload your Jamb/University Admissions Letter as well.
  • Your Result Information will be among the requirements and you will have to upload it. This includes; SSCE Result (WAEC OR NECO), Jamb Score, and current CGPA.
  • As a Candidate, endeavor to proofread the application form again and correctly fill out the spaces appropriately and upload all necessary documents.


Important points to note

Application Is Free Of Charge

The application process is FREE OF CHARGE. TotalEnergies and TotalEnergies Scholarship does not solicit for funds nor accredit any agents to act on its behalf. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR MONEY TO ANYONE promising to help you get this scholarship.

No Past Questions

There are NO PAST QUESTIONS for this scholarship. The shortlisting exam questions always bear a different format each year. We’re looking for only the brightest students who can deliver results in the ‘spur of the moment’.

Be Reachable

Make sure you confirm your Application Information. Please ensure the email address and phone number you provide in your application MUST ALWAYS BE REACHABLE. This is because it will be of great importance to contact you in all future correspondence.

To apply for the NNPC Scholarship Scheme click here NNPC Scholarship Portal

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