March 4, 2024

What is a Merchant Navy Job: The merchant navy is the backbone of international trade because it transports freight and carries cargo to different parts. The job requires extensive traveling and allows you to explore exotic places around the world. Read down!

What is a Merchant Navy JobIf you want to pursue a career in this field, it is important to understand the skills, qualifications, and eligibility criteria required to join the merchant navy.


What is a Merchant Navy Job?

Basically, the Merchant Navy transports products via sea. It is a commercial shipping business that transports products and people across oceans and seas using cargo ships, tankers, and other vessels.

It is also known as the commercial marine or the merchant marine.

Merchant ships carry out 90% of worldwide trade; thus, the merchant navy is an important sector of global trade and plays an important role in promoting international trade by moving goods and commodities between different countries.

The merchant navy is a global sector in which private corporations operate thousands of ships (there are a few government companies, but ship jobs are all commercial). The ship is owned by a government corporation) from many countries.

It is a complex and highly specialized industry that necessitates the operation and management of vessels by qualified and devoted people.

The required skills are such that you must obtain sufficient experience and certification to advance at each stage.

• CDC and basic STCW courses are required for entry-level jobs as Tr. OS / Tr. Wiper / Tr. Saloon Rating.

• From Tr.OS/Wiper, you must obtain Watch-keeping to become an OS.

• To become an Able Bodied Seaman, you must first obtain AB COP from OS.

• The same is true for Officers; to become an Officer, you must first pass the OOW Exams, following which you will be promoted to 3rd/2nd Officer.

• After completing the required sea time, you must take the Chief Officer Exam and the Captain Exam.

• For each promotion, you must first study and obtain the rank certificate, and only then can you be promoted to the following rank.

How is the Merchant Navy Different from Other Navy Entities?

The merchant navy is a commercial marine service that transports merchandise from one location to another. It is a commercial type of maritime job that is supervised by both the government and private shipping corporations.

Furthermore, the Indian navy refers to the country’s marine military wing. It is the country’s armed forces unit in charge of the country’s maritime security.

Is a Career in the Merchant Marine a Good One?

Yes, it is a viable career option for the following reasons:

Greater Pay:

Work in this profession is rewarding because of the greater salary and possibilities for advancement. In addition to the money, most of these positions include various benefits.

Possibility of Travel

As you move things from one location to another, you may have the opportunity to go to different regions of the world.

Exposure to Diverse Cultures:

A professional in this industry frequently interacts with people from various cultures and ethnicities.

It enables them to study the intricacies of other cultures and boosts their adaptability to work with people from various places.

Extensive Work Exposure:

because you will be spending most of your working hours on the ship, you will be exposed to unusual events and emergencies.

As a result, the exposure and learning you will receive from this job description will be comprehensive and unparalleled.

Is the Merchant Navy a Government Position?

The merchant navy is both a government and a private sector job. You are a government employee if you work for the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

Aside from SCI, the vast majority of other enterprises in this industry are privately held.


How do I Become a Member of the Merchant Navy?

Depending on your educational background, you can join the merchant navy as a cadet or an engineer. You can advance in your job with years of experience and relevant sea time.

For example, you may start as a junior engineer with an engineering degree and work your way up to become a fourth, third, second, or chief engineer.

A BSc degree allows you to become a third officer, second officer, and finally chief officer.

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