What are the 5 Lowest Paying Careers? While your income might vary greatly depending on your geographic area, amount of experience, the firm you work for, and the minimum wage in your city or state, there are a few jobs that offer consistently low wages.

What are the 5 Lowest Paying Careers

These vocations cover a wide range of industries, from entertainment to transportation to healthcare. While being in separate businesses, they have certain commonalities.

What Are the 5 Lowest Paying Careers?

Below is the list of 5 lowest paying Careers:

1. Cooks

Cooks work in a variety of settings, including cafeterias, fast-food franchises, and high-end restaurants. They prepare, season, and cook food and may assist the head chef in menu planning.

Cooks working in fast-food restaurants had an average annual salary of $25,490, while short-order cooks earned an average annual salary of $28,110.

Cooks at restaurants earn an average yearly salary of $31,630. Private household cooks and chefs, on the other hand, can make up to $43,260 per year or more. 43

2. Shampooers

Before haircuts or styling, shampooers massage, shampoo, condition, and rinse customers’ hair. Some shampooers pursue careers as hairstylists or cosmetologists.

Shampooers make an average of $25,160.1 per year.

3. Fast-Food and Counter Workers

Workers at fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, food concession stands, and coffee shops do a range of food preparation and serving activities.

The average yearly salary for these jobs is $26,060.6.


4. Hosts and Hostesses

Restaurants, lounges, and coffee shops employ hosts and hostesses. They are to greet clients, seat them, and provide exceptional service.

They may also be in charge of accepting and recording reservations, as well as answering other calls. Hosts make an average of $26,000 per year.5

5. Amusement and Recreation Attendants

Amusement and recreation attendants may work at amusement parks, ski resorts, sports complexes, or community centers. They are responsible for a number of tasks linked to the facility’s utilization.

They may run amusement rides or concession booths, arrange facility use, and maintain and furnish participants with equipment (particularly at recreation facilities).

While remuneration varies based on the facility, attendants receive an annual salary of $26,110 on average.

How to Increase Your Pay

If you work in a low-wage job that makes it difficult to advance financially, the best goal you can set for yourself is to increase your compensation.

Personal financial advice frequently focuses on saving more money, but this can only get you so far. Earning more money is the only true solution when you aren’t making a living income.

This is easier said than done, but it is doable for those willing to put in the effort. Consider the following options:

  • Get the necessary training for a high-paying career. You might go to college or complete a certification program.
  • First, look for a profession that interests you, and then evaluate what sort of schooling you’ll need for it. There are several six-figure professions available if you have the proper training.
  • Work as a freelancer. If you have a skill that is in high demand, you might generate money by freelancing. The typical freelancer earns $93 per hour.
  • Begin a side hustle. If you aren’t receiving enough hours, there are side hustles that may make you $10,000 or more.
  • There are several ways to improve your earnings–and hence your savings account amount.

Take some time to consider your income objectives and what you want to do so that you can locate the ideal alternative for you.


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