The healthcare business provides a wide range of professional opportunities that need varying degrees of education and expertise.

What Do Healthcare Jobs Pay

Many jobs provide continuous career advancement and considerable income potential.

While certain healthcare careers need multiple years of education and training, such as medical school, residency, and fellowships, others necessitate fewer years of study.

When looking for a job in the healthcare field, it is critical to emphasize the necessary degrees, certificates, and other training on your CV and during interviews.

Take the time to learn what certifications you will need to be successful if you want to work in health care and also know what do healthcare jobs pay.


What Do Healthcare Jobs Pay? 10 Well-Paying Health Care Jobs

Here are 10 high-paying healthcare positions, together with their average national salary of more than $65,000 and the firms that offer them.

1. Clinic Manager

Clinic managers are in charge of supervising the operations of a medical institution. They should be in charge of financial choices and operations, as well as patient care and personnel.

National Average Salary:

  • $72,384 per year

2. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists deal with patients who have had surgery, an accident, a stroke, a heart attack, or any traumatic event that has caused physical problems.

They are in charge of watching, diagnosing, and developing therapeutic programs for individuals based on their current state of being and their objectives.

National Average Salary:

  • $71,333 per year

3. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists, like physical therapists, work with patients who have had a traumatic occurrence that has impaired their physical ability in some manner.

Occupational therapists work particularly to assist patients to regain their abilities in areas such as cooking, driving, and completing job-related chores.

National Average Salary:

  • $76,500 per year

4. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are responsible for the dispensing of medications to patients. They are in charge of ensuring that drugs are of high quality, appropriate for the patient, and adhere to regulatory requirements.

They also provide medication administration instructions and answer patient inquiries regarding their medications.

National Average Salary:

  • $126,626 per hour

5. Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers research, design, and manufacture healthcare equipment and materials. This might include prosthetics, artificial organs, and pacemakers. They will also debug, enhance, adapt, and monitor their performance.

National Average Salary:

  • $83,622 per year

6. Podiatrist

Podiatrists are in charge of observing, diagnosing, and treating foot-related health conditions. They may conduct operations in the clinic, give medicine or physical therapy, or recommend various sorts of surgery.

National Average Salary:

  • $90,162 per year

7. Optometrist

Optometrists are medical practitioners that specialize in eye care. Checking vision, providing contact lenses and eye care items such as eye drops, diagnosing various eye or vision disorders, and other responsibilities are common.

National Average Salary:

  • $124,339 per year

8. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants help doctors with day-to-day chores such as performing basic medical procedures, filing paperwork, and recording medical histories.

They collaborate closely with both nurses and physicians to provide a comprehensive view of the patient’s treatment.

National Average Salary:

  • $104,586 per year

9. Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Registered nurse anesthetists (RNAs) are trained to provide anesthesia during medical operations.

They collaborate with physicians and surgeons of various disciplines to provide an adequate dose of drugs to patients in order for them to reach a sleep-like condition during operation.

National Average Salary:

  • $155,239 per year


10. Psychologist

Psychologists study, diagnose, and organize therapy for people suffering from mental illnesses. They usually work at a hospital, although some may work directly with families in their homes or in private facilities such as nursing homes.

National Average Salary:

  • $124,956 per year

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