Are The Tips on how to apply for military jobs in Nigeria concisely and explicitly enumerated in this article? That might be the question on your mind. Read to find out.

Tips on how to apply for military jobs in Nigeria

Military Jobs Update

Military jobs in Nigeria are like hotcakes as they attract a certain amount of power and admiration, prestige as well as job security, and a good salary package.

A lot of people dream to belong to the military but usually, they do not know what to do, where to find relevant information, or even how to apply for the jobs.

This article aims to bridge that gap and bring you all the resources you need on your journey to becoming the officer you’ve always wanted, kindly stay tuned and read down.


Tips on how to apply for military jobs in Nigeria | Important points to note

  • You have to mentally prepare yourself to remain positive at all times
  • Know that you will be competing with other professionals from your field, so it’s advisable to have additional certifications that are in hot demand
  • Depending on the department you might be applying for, you may need to go back and read your secondary school core subjects like Mathematics, English, and Verbal, Quantitative, and Qualitative Reasoning textbooks (for the sciences).
  • You will also need to apply and have handy any of the valid means of Identification as a Nigerian. The Nationally recognized means of identification In Nigeria are:
    • Voter’s Card
    • National Identity Number Slip or ID Card
    • International Passport
    • Driver’s License
  • Get all your school documents ready like your First School Leaving Certificate, WAEC & NECO, School Certifications like Exams, NYSC discharge certificate, Birth Certificate, Medical Certificate of Fitness, Certificate of Origin

Extra Information

  • Read up on current affairs, and make sure you know all the past Presidents by heart, and the present administration of both the Military and the three arms of Government.
  • Though not a requirement, draft up a good CV as it will help you take stock of all your strengths and areas in need of improvement
  • For those with manageable eyesight issues, go for a checkup and get your correct prescription glasses as they are allowed in general.
  • Also checkup any ailments you may have with the potential to hinder physical activity like Pile, Gonorrhea, heart-related ailments, HIV, and others
  • You must not have undergone an operation for at least a year up till the date of screening
  • Get in shape as you will be required to engage in physical fitness activities like Jogging, Press-ups, Pull-ups, Crunches, Sit-ups, and Burpees
  • For the Ladies, ensure you are not pregnant as the fetus might get aborted due to the stress you will be subjected to in the screening camps.
  • Must not have been convicted of any offense by any Court of Law


The General requirements for each of the three branches of the armed forces are similar but department-wise, they are very different. If you need to see the specific requirements for any of the departments, you will need to visit their websites below:

Navy official website

Army official website

Airforce official website

These Tips will really assist you should you look to become an officer in any of the branches of the armed forces.

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