December 2, 2023

Online Jobs in Healthcare That Pay Well: The medical area provides people with several advantages, including the ability to serve others and experience faster-than-expected career growth, as well as access to high-paying professions that allow for remote work.

Best Online Jobs For Medical Billing And Coding

Medical and healthcare employers are among the most popular remote and partially remote work categories. Nursing, medical coding, and telemedicine are all possibilities in this employment sector.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in healthcare vocations is predicted to expand by 16% between 2020 and 2030, substantially faster than the national average.

And the need for virtual medical care has never been higher, making remote healthcare professions one of the most popular distant professional options.

Searching High-Paying Remote Healthcare Jobs

With the expansion of virtual labour comes the expansion of high-paying distant jobs. Our employment database is updated on a regular basis, and all opportunities on our site have been thoroughly checked and validated by our in-house team.

Examine remote and flexible careers in medicine, healthcare administration, medical billing, and medical sales, among other fields.


8 Online Jobs in Healthcare That Pay Well

Below are the High-Paying Remote Healthcare Jobs

1. Physicians

Physicians can meet with patients through video chat or text chat to assess health data, do tests, administer medicines, and give information and counselling via telemedicine.

Remote physicians must be in good standing, have a valid licence, and be technologically savvy.

Median Salary:

  • $192,930 each year.

2. Nurse Practitioner

Online nurse practitioners can collaborate with online platforms to deliver medical education, diagnose and treat patients, and aid with treatment plans, among other things.

Some positions may necessitate travel. Typically, a valid licence is necessary, as well as a few years of experience.

Median Salary:

  • $103,880

3. Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses may find part-time and full-time remote positions with a range of medical and healthcare organisations.

Common responsibilities include assessing a patient’s health state, offering phone triage help, checking patient files, recording patient treatment, and so on.

Some somewhat remote employment may necessitate travel.

Median Salary:

  • $70,000

4. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists use teletherapy to perform examinations and prescribe treatment regimens with clients through video. Board certification, as well as an MD or DO, are frequently necessary. Many remote positions provide you with a flexible schedule.

Median Salary:

  • $208,000

5. Pharmacist

Pharmacists can work remotely to evaluate pharmaceutical regimens for efficacy and safety, perform case reviews, serve as subject matter experts, and other tasks. A current, unrestricted licence is usually required.

Median Salary:

  • $124,170

6. Veterinarian

A remote veterinarian may be required to do phone, email, and chat consultations, as well as write case notes and function as a resource for support workers.

Travel is frequently necessary, as is a veterinary licence.

Median Salary:

  • $90,420


7. SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Speech-language pathologists will work electronically, generally for a school, providing speech treatment through webcam and conference software.

Licencing in a certain state is usually essential, as is the understanding of state-specific regulations.

Median Salary:

  • $76,610

8. Nutritionist/Dietician

Dietitians and nutritionists may offer phone, video, or email consultations, verify regulatory compliance, track results, and more. Most positions need a licence and familiarity with internet tools and programmes.

Median Salary:

  • $59,410

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