Newton International Fellowships gives researchers the opportunity to work for two years at a UK institution, which promotes long-term international collaborations.

Newton International Fellowships

The program aims to draw the brightest early-career postdoctoral scholars from abroad in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

The British Academy and the Royal Society are in charge of administering the Newton International Fellowships program.

About Newton International Fellowships

In order to identify the top early career postdoctoral researchers from around the world and give them the opportunity to work in UK research institutions for two years, the Newton International Fellowship Scheme was created in 2008.

The Newton International Fellowships are being made available by the  British Academy and Royal Society, and are funded by BEIS

Aims of the fellowship

The Newton International Fellowships program’s objectives are to:

1. Promote the growth and training of postdoctoral researchers from any country outside the United Kingdom at an early stage of their careers by giving them the chance to work for two years at a UK research institution.

2. Ascertain that the top postdoctoral researchers from all pertinent fields are supported in the UK.

3. Establishing an alumni program for previous Fellows of this initiative would help to strengthen long-term ties between Newton International Fellows and the UK research base.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must:

1. Have a PhD, or applicants in the final stages of their PhD will be accepted provided that the PhD will be completed (including viva) before the start date of the Fellowship. Confirmation of the award of the PhD will be required before any Fellowship award is confirmed.

2. Applicants should have no more than 7 years of active full-time postdoctoral experience at the time of application (discounting career breaks but including teaching experience and/or time spent in industry).

3. Be working outside the UK.

4. Not hold UK citizenship.

5. Be competent in oral and written English.

6. Have a clearly defined and mutually-beneficial research proposal agreed upon with a UK host researcher.

7. Applicants should ensure that they meet all the eligibility requirements, which are explained in the scheme notes.

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Value and Duration of Scholarship

Newton International Fellowships last for two years

The approximate number of Fellowships offered: 12

Funding will consist of:

  • £30,000 per annum for subsistence costs
  • Up to £8,000 per annum for consumables
  • A one-off payment of up to £3,500 for relocation expenses in year one only

Contribution to the expense of dependant visas (spouse and children alone) needed to immigrate to the UK

Moreover, a contribution of 50% of the grant (minus the additional cash for dependents’ visas) will be made to enable the UK host institution to host a Fellowship.

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