Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship is a financial aid aimed at helping students cover the cost of an undergraduate or graduate degree. A scholarship may at times be a one-time payment. Some school scholarships offer money to students each semester or academic year and are renewable.

Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship

These financial rewards are distinct from student loans in that they are not subject to repayment.

Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship

Students who come to New Zealand for a top-notch education return with special memories, new abilities, and promising career prospects.

The entire scholarship experience, from building your intellect and profession to taking in the laid-back culture and lifestyle of New Zealand, has the power to transform your life in the most positive ways.

They are confident that receiving a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship and going abroad to study in New Zealand will be among your greatest decisions.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

You need to fulfill all requirements in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship. To see if you are eligible, fill out the online application form at the link below.

Eligibility questionnaire;

You can determine if you qualify for a scholarship by checking the relevant questions on the eligibility questionnaire:

  • In which country do you hold citizenship
  • How long you have been living in your home country
  • How much work experience do you have
  • Whether we provide scholarships to your country
  • You must complete the eligibility questionnaire before you can apply for a Scholarship.

Click here to know if you are Eligible.

New Applicants Application Process

Only those who are eligible may begin an application after the country’s application starting date:

Step 1: Verify your Eligibility

To determine your eligibility to apply, take the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships online eligibility test (external link).

You will receive an eligibility code if the online eligibility test shows that you are qualified (number).

Step 2: Create an Account for the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship.

If you are qualified, a “register” button will appear on the page; click it to begin the registration process for a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship Account.

You will need to provide your email address (this will become your username for logging on again later). To ensure that this email address has not already been used, the system will do a check.

If the check is successful, you must enter the remaining account information and choose “Register” after.

Your Eligibility Code, which you have either written down or sent to yourself, should be entered here.

Step 3: Specify your Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship Account Password

You’ll receive an email asking you to create a password so you can finish the registration process. You will be sent to a screen where you must set your password when you click the link in the email.

Keep in mind to check your spam folder because sometimes automated emails are filtered there.

Step 4: Complete and submit your application by the deadline.

Use the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship online application system whenever you like between the opening and closing dates for your nation by using your Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship Account.

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Application Writing Tips

1. They only accept applications in English; other languages are not accepted.

2. Verify your Work: Ensure the coherence of your answers. Utilise proper English spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

3. Keep Your Responses Brief: Verify that each response does not exceed the number of characters allowed by the form.

4. Don’t cheat or plagiarize. If there is proof that you used someone else’s work or someone else helped you with your answers, they will reject your application.

Application Deadline

The application portal will open for all countries and regions in 2024 on Wednesday, February 1 at midnight and close at noon on Tuesday, February 28.

Any time between the starting date and the closing date is a valid time to submit your application. Late applications are not accepted.

When applications are due, the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships online application system may become overloaded. This can lead to technical problems.

Send in your application three to ten(3-10) days before the deadline to minimize any disappointment.

Any IT system-related technical issues are not our responsibility. Application deadlines are noon, not midnight.

It is anticipated that applications for the Samoa Foundation intake will be available in September 2024.

How to Apply

The online application form is only available between the opening and closing dates for your country.

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