December 3, 2023

Internet Society Youth Ambassadors Programme is run by the Internet Society, which selects fifteen enthusiastic, young people to take part each year. This program aims to prepare the future generation of Internet leaders to work together and innovate for a better world. Continue reading to learn more about this program.

Internet Society Youth Ambassadors Programme

Internet Society Youth Ambassadors Programme

As a Youth Ambassador, you have the expertise and abilities to influence laws that safeguard the Internet while developing a better world.

Also, you will have the choice to go to an event that has been specifically chosen for you based on your preferences, profile, and location. The events include:

  • The Global IGF
  • A Regional IGF
  • RightsCon

If you want to:

  • Have a significant effect on Internet governance in your neighborhood?
  • Get instruction and establish contacts with a network of influential people in the field of Internet governance.
  • Attend a Key internet event?
  • Have access to a forum where you can speak out on internet issues that are important to you?
  • Become a youth ambassador for the Internet Society!

Then you must participate in this program.

Programme Eligibility Criteria

If you are an Internet Society member aged 18-30, you can apply.

All applicants must:

1. Be between the ages of 18-30 at the date of the submitted application

2. Be comfortable with public speaking and communicating positions

3. Have a high level of reading, speaking, and writing skills in English

4. Be able to present a strong interest in Internet governance, project management, advocacy, communications, and diplomacy

5. Have continuous access to the Internet during all the phases of the program

6. Be able to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours per week during the full program duration

7. Have the availability to take part in weekly meetings and webinars

8. Be able to travel and hold a valid passport

9. Not have been previously selected as an Internet Society IGF Youth Ambassador, Youth@IGF Fellow, or IGF Youth Ambassador

The Benefits of this Program

This 10-month program brings the opportunity to:

1. Attend a significant Internet event, such as the Global IGF, RightsCon, or a Regional IGF.

2. Deepen your subject expertise through specific Internet governance online training.

3. Broaden your advocacy, diplomacy, communications, project management, and leadership skills.

4. Engage and collaborate with key Internet stakeholders from around the world.

5. Be mentored by key Internet leaders and experts.

6. Develop the skills and connections needed to make more of an impact in your local community (and beyond!)

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Selection Process?

There is an annual selection process, with applications for each intake opening in February. There are two phases to the selection process.

1. Online Application

A selection committee assesses the best entries to select the Young Ambassadors. It is made up of Internet Society staff, alumni, and heads of Chapter/Special Interest Groups/Standing Groups. The selection committee works to ensure professional, regional, and gender diversity in the final selections.

2. Online Internet Governance Course

The applicants with the best scores enroll in an online course on internet governance. Each class will have a specialized tutor to facilitate the learning process, and there will be three courses made up of all participants.

For this program, the top 15 students are chosen.

Program Application Timeline

2nd October 2023 – Online application submissions open

20th October 2023 – Application submissions close

Mid-January 2024 – Final selection and program kick-off

Apply Here

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