Louise McKinney Scholarship was established in honor of Louise McKinney. The scholarship recognizes and acknowledges students for their academic success and motivates them to continue their undergraduate or professional programs of study. Read on for more information.

Louise McKinney Scholarship

About Louise McKinney Scholarship

The growing cost of living, rising interest rates, and rising tuition for students in Alberta all influence their capacity to find employment and significantly boost the Alberta economy.

The government of Alberta is taking steps to make post-secondary education more affordable for residents.

Undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement get yearly rewards of $2,500.

The grantees needed to have completed at least 80% of a full course load and have a minimum GPA of 3.7 in order to be eligible.

Scholarship Value: $2,500

Up to 1,450 scholarships are awarded annually.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

1. Be a Canadian citizen, a Permanent Resident, or a Protected Person (visa students are not eligible),

2. Be an Alberta resident, and to be considered an Alberta resident one of the following conditions must apply:

  • One parent or legal guardian has maintained permanent residence in Canada for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies and be residing in Alberta, or
  • Alberta is the last place the student has lived for 12 consecutive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies, or
  • The student’s spouse/partner has maintained permanent residence in Alberta for 12 consecutive months prior to the person attending post-secondary.

3. Be enrolled full-time in the second or subsequent year of an undergraduate or professional program at a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Alberta, and

4. Be in satisfactory academic standing as determined by the post-secondary institution.

5. Students are not eligible for a Louise McKinney Scholarship if they:

  • Have been nominated for a Jason Lang Scholarship within the same academic year
  • Are you in a graduate program
  • Are you an apprentice, or
  • Are upgrading.

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Application Process

Contact the Student Awards Office at your school for details on how to apply and the deadline. Send your application to the Office of Student Awards.

Selection Process

Academic status is used to make decisions. Each school only receives a certain number of scholarships, and each school has a different deadline for applications.

The Student Awards Office should be contacted with any inquiries regarding each school’s scholarship policies.

To find out if they are eligible, students who intend to switch their educational setting or program can get in touch with the Awards Office at their present school.

The Student Awards Offices at participating Alberta public post-secondary institutions submit nominations for students who are enrolled in in-province courses.

In order to learn more about the numerous other scholarships and awards available, you are encouraged to visit the websites of Alberta’s universities and colleges.

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