Like all scholarships, the Schulich Leader Scholarship is accountable for helping students with their financial needs. If this scholarship interests you, you ought to read this article because it contains information that will put you at an advantage.

Schulich Leader Scholarship Programme

About the Schulich Leader Scholarship

Students from throughout Canada who exhibit academic brilliance, leadership, charisma, and creativity and who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in a STEM discipline on one of UBC’s campuses are recognized through the Schulich Leader Scholarships program.

The Schulich Leader Scholarships were founded by Canadian businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich.

They are overseen by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Mr. Schulich, a well-known businessman, and philanthropist is a strong advocate for encouraging young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

Schulich Leader Scholarship Award Value

The value of the Engineering Schulich Leader Scholarship is $120,000.

Recipients will receive $30,000 per year for four years if all renewal requirements are met.

The Schulich Leader Scholarships are worth $100,000 in STEM faculties excluding engineering.

Recipients will receive $25,000 per year for four years if all renewal requirements are met.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship

You must: in order to be eligible.

1. Be a Canadian citizen or lawful permanent resident and have completed high school, secondary school, or a CEGEP in Canada during the 2024 academic year.

2. Get a CEGEP, secondary school, or high school nomination.

3. Meet the aforementioned conditions.

4. Academic eminence, charisma, and leadership creativity.

5. To have an entrepreneurial attitude and pursue a career in one or more of the focus areas of technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, business activity, or applied scientific research.

6. Not aspiring to a profession as a practicing physician or medical researcher, undertaking theoretical research, or becoming a professor (e.g., doctor, dentist, nurse, psychologist, pharmacist, optometrist, etc.).

7. Do not put activism first (i.e., environmental, political, or societal).

8. Students with financial needs will be carefully taken into account.

How to Apply

For consideration as Schulich Leader nominations, students must be in their final year of high school, secondary school, or CEGEP.

High schools are allowed one nomination per year, while CEGEPs are allowed up to four.

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Application Deadline

Sadly, this scholarship has ended for the time being.

The recipients of the Schulich Leader Scholarship will be informed on or about June 15, 2024.

Each scholarship offers the chance to develop as a person while not having to worry about money. You should be serious about this chance, and the Schulich Leader Scholarship is no different.

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