Tim Hortons scholarship program was to assist students working at any Tim Hortons restaurants in overcoming potential financial barriers to attending school. The program is also available to children whose parents or grandparents are employed by Tim Hortons Inc.

Tim Hortons scholarship

This means that you can only be considered for the scholarship program if you have a relationship with a highly regarded business, such as being an employee or a direct descendant of a corporate employee.

About Tim Hortons Scholarship

The scholarship program benefits 200 Canadian students and 20 American students each year; this year won’t be an exception.

Like every other year, 220 lucky winners will split a total of $13.3 million.

It will interest you to know that thousands of students have benefitted from the Tim Hortons scholarship since its introduction in 2007.

Scholarship Value

The Tim Hortons scholarship is worth $1000, meaning you will receive $1000 from the organizer as long as you are shortlisted among the winners.

$1000 will surely go a long way in setting up part of your tuition fee and related expenses.

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What Is Tim Hortons Company Known For?

A Canadian restaurant chain called Tim Hortons creates amazing quick cuisine and nutritious snacks.

With more than 4846 locations throughout 14 nations, including the US, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE, Philippines, Qatar, Mexico, Spain, China, Thailand, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Canada, it is the largest quick-service restaurant brand in the country.

Tim Hortons was established in 1964 and is well-known for its coffee, doughnuts, and French vanilla.

The four items you should order at a Tim Hortons restaurant are the cappuccino, Tuscan Chicken Panini, Timbits, and Raspberry-filled Doughnut.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

1. You must be a Tim Hortons® Team Member or the child or grandchild (biological, step, or adopted) of a Team Member.

2. You must be legally eligible to work in Canada or the US (depending on the country you or your qualifying relative resides in).

3. You must be accepted to an accredited or registered post-secondary institution for part-time or full-time studies within the scholarship year.

How to Apply

Submit proof of volunteer and/or community service and/or leadership hours (15 hours only). Write an essay of at least 500 words on a set topic.

Currently application deadline is not fixed visit the scholarship website for more details.

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