How Many Scholarships are in Nigeria; As a Nigerian student, If you have been searching for scholarships and want to know how many scholarships are in Nigeria. Then this is the right place for you. Look through and get information on how to get financial aid for your studies.


How Many Scholarships are in Nigeria

Study shows that there are over 50+ Scholarship opportunities for Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. for Nigerian students present in the country. These include undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in Nigeria and international scholarships in other parts of the world.

About Scholarships in Nigeria

However, without being known by many Nigerian students,  there are quite several numerous scholarship opportunities scattered all over the country. It is intended to be successful for post-primary school students, undergraduate students as well as, and postgraduate students, who are studying in Nigeria.

Hence in this article, I will discuss current scholarships in Nigeria. Nevertheless, The list written here is not the total number of scholarships, but the top scholarships currently obtainable in Nigeria.

Below is a list of current scholarships for Nigerian students open for application each year.

How Many Scholarships are in Nigeria?

Consequently, We may not give a certain number to quantify the scholarship. We are discussing the top and current scholarships that are still operational. Look through them and apply where necessary


1. Federal Government Scholarship :

The Federal government of Nigeria awards scholarships to  Nigerian students through the Ministry of Education. The scholarship is for intelligent Nigerian students who have some financial issues to aid them in their educational pursuits.

Consequently, this scholarship is only obtainable at Nigerian public universities. If you are a student at a private Nigerian university, then it is not for you. Therefore, to access these scholarships, students must meet certain criteria.

Following this, the monetary value for undergraduate scholars is set at the value of N150,000 per ann. Also, for the post-graduate scholars the value is set at N180,000 per annum, as well as N100,000 per annum for HND and NCE respectively.

Basic Requirements :

As a Nigerian student to be eligible you must follow these requirements.

  • All undergraduate Scholarship applicants must have at least a 4.0 Cumulative Grade Points Aggregate (CGPA) on a five (5) point scale or its equivalents or 5.0 on a 7 point scale.
  • NCE and HND applicants must have a CGPA of 3.5 and above on a scale of 4.0
  • Be full-time registered student from a recognized public university

You can apply via or visit to apply.

2. NNPC /Total Undergraduate Scholarship

The Nigerian National petroleum cooperation(NNPC) in line with total upstream companies in Nigeria(TUCN), Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (Total E&P Nig Ltd), and Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI), awards scholarships to Nigerian students every year. These students are given this award in tertiary institutions across the country whose academic performance is extremely outstanding.

Hence, the Scholarship Scheme offers annual scholarship aids to successful candidates from the year of the collection of awards (that is, the first year or second year) to complete their degree program.

Also, as part of their records, it is one of NNPC’s amazing social responsibilities, and the scholarship scheme has always been a huge success yearly.

Definitely, the Nigerian National petroleum cooperation merit award scheme is a fully funded scholarship scheme for Undergraduate students in Nigeria alone. Subsequently, the winner will be awarded the sum of 150,000 NGN annually. To know more about this scholarship click here

Basic Requirements :

  • Must be a Registered Full-Time Undergraduate student in any accredited Nigerian institution.
  • Candidate must be a  100 or 200-level undergraduate student.
  • Also, a proof of SSCE or Equivalent certificate. Organizers think that applicants who possess all necessary certificates in their original form will be eligible.
  • Proof of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) score is part of the necessary prerequisite
  • Applicant Admission Letter from any tertiary institution in Nigeria or a Matriculation Number is part of the requirement.
  • Your CGPA must not be less than 2.5 on a 5.0 scale

Click here to apply NNPC Scholarship Portal

3. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship

This Nigerian LNG company is one of the companies in Nigeria that gives scholarships to Nigerian students. The scholarship is usually awarded to students studying in different Nigerian tertiary institutions who are suitable for it and, who also deserve it every year. The level is 100 level, while the worth is about N300,000 every year through graduation.

Basic Requirements :

  • Be a fully registered student in any of the recognized Nigerian tertiary institutions
  • Show evidence of admission ie admission letters from school or jamb
  • Only available to 100level students

To apply clickhere

4. MTN Scholarship

This telecommunication network awards scholarship opportunities to Nigerian students as part of her corporate social responsibility. MTN, for the most part, awards different scholarships to undergraduate students studying both science and technology courses in different Nigerian universities within the country. The worth is N200,000 through graduation. Starts with the Level: 300 students.

Equally important, it rewards the top ten UTME students. The Top 10 UTME Scholarship which commenced in 2020, is the latest addition to the MTN Scholarships. Every year the top 10 scoring candidates of UTME with the announcement by JAMB, automatically qualify for the top 10 UTME scholarships. Afterward, the successful candidates get awards of scholarships worth N200,000.00 from their 100 level through to graduation if they maintain the required grades.

You can get the Top 10 UTME Scholarship irrespective of your preferred course of study or Tertiary Institution – Public or Private in Nigeria.

Basic Requirements

  • Must show evidence of admission into a recognized tertiary institution in Nigeria
  • Evidence of Jamb UTME scores
  • Must be a registered 300level student or 100-level student depending on the scholarship type
  • 3rd-year students from Public Tertiary Institutions with a 3.5 CGPA or its equivalent Second Class Upper HND Students with a minimum of 3.0GPA (Upper credit) at their OND Programme. Scholarship renewals are available for existing students. However, students must maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 or its equivalent (second-class upper/upper credit).

To apply click  here

5 Nnpc/chevron Scholarships in Nigeria

Perhaps, you have heard of the Chevron/NNPC scholarship opportunities program for Nigerian students. Chevron usually collaborates with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company to award a lot of national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year. The worth is ₦100,000 every year through graduation, and it starts with Level 200.

Basic Requirements

  • Have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 in a 5-grade system and
  • Have a minimum of six O-level credits in one sitting.
  • 200-level students only are eligible to apply

To apply click


6. ExxonMobil Scholarship

Another Oil company scholarship opportunities program for Nigerian students by way of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility to Nigerians. The ExxonMobil Engineering Scholarship Program will award one (1) national scholarship of $20,000, paid over four years, and twelve (12) $2,000 local scholarships to qualified high school seniors. Your course of study should be Engineering, Medicine, or science-related.

Basic Requirements

  • Equally important is that applicants must be residents of Nigeria
  • applicant should hold SSCE or its equivalent with at least six subjects passed at a sitting with a minimum of 5 Distinctions,
  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduates in their 1st or 2nd year of study in any Nigerian University with authentic registration
  • Meanwhile, the dependents of employees of Mobil Producing Nigeria, Mobil Oil Nigeria plc, and Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited are not eligible for this scholarship.

To apply click here

7. Shell (SPDC) Scholarships in Nigeria

This is another great scholarship program in Nigeria. The Shell Petroleum Development Company is partnering with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) to give national scholarships to undergraduate students every year in Nigeria. The Worth is N100,000 each year through graduation, from 200 Level

Basic Requirements :

  • Be citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Be registered FULL-TIME undergraduates in an accredited course in an approved University in Nigeria.
  • You must be a  200-level student in any of the  tertiary institutions across the country that have received accreditation

click here to apply

8. PTDF Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Overseas)

Another scholarship opportunity available for Nigerian students is the PTDF Scholarship program. In addition, The PTDF program usually covers both Nigerian universities and universities that are outside the country.

Again, It is the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources that offers the “PTDF Scholarship Scheme” to Nigerians, who are qualified Undergraduates, and Master’s, and Ph.D. students. The worth of this scholarship is about 150,000, including a brand-new laptop.

For basic requirements and guidelines click here

Click here to apply and learn more

FAQs About Scholarships in Nigeria

1. How Many scholarships are in Nigeria and how do I know about them?

To know how many scholarships are in Nigeria you need to do a lot of research. You need to stay afloat on the internet. hence, all you need is your mobile phone to ask Google about it. you will see the different scholarships currently in action and the one you fit into their requirements. if you follow their page, you can turn on notifications to get first-hand information in case of any updates.

2. Can I apply if am not a resident in Nigeria?

You can only apply for scholarships in Nigeria if you are residing in the country. Thus, if you want to benefit from this scholarship award you would have to be a permanent resident in the country. However, if you are outside the country, avail yourself while applying.

This is because most of the Nigerian Scholarships organize on-site tests. Therefore, you will have to be in the country. Also, as part of the requirements, most of the scholarship awardees are students who have admission to any of the recognized Nigerian tertiary institutions. You can not get the award if you are outside the country.

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