JAMB Registration for Foreign Candidates: Are you an international student looking to negotiate Nigerian colleges’ complex admissions processes? Have you heard about the latest reforms made by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board?

JAMB Registration for Foreign Candidates

How will the ten new conditions, announced in a startling October memo, affect your plans to study in Nigeria? Read for the details that every prospective foreign student should be aware of. Read on!


Overview of Revised Requirements

On October 10, 2023, a document outlining the amended conditions was released, providing educational institutions and international candidates with a clearer framework.

The memo, signed by JAMB’s Director of Information Technology Services, Mr. Fabian Okoro, outlines a systematic approach to international student admissions.

Do Foreign Students take the JAMB Exam in Nigeria?

Yes, foreign students studying in Nigeria can take the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam.

JAMB is the entrance examination for Nigeria’s higher institutions, which include universities, polytechnics, and institutes of education.

Here’s a thorough explanation of the process for international students:

Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Students

  • Foreign students must have finished secondary school or the equivalent in their home country.
  • They should have met the requirements for admission to a tertiary institution in their own country.

Registration Process

Below is the registration process:

1. Obtain the JAMB e-PIN:

Foreign students can obtain the JAMB e-PIN by registering online or visiting certified Nigerian banks.

2. Setup a JAMB Profile:

Foreign students must build a JAMB profile on the official JAMB website. This profile will be used as their personal information and is required throughout registration.

3. Complete the JAMB Registration:

Fill out the online registration form with appropriate personal and academic information.

4. Select a Preferred Institution:

Foreign students should select their preferred tertiary institution during the registration procedure. Investigating and guaranteeing that the chosen university accepts international students is critical.

5. Submit Registration:

After completing the registration form, review the information and submit your application online.

Foreign students will be assigned a unique registration number and be able to print their registration sheet.

Required Documents

Foreign students are required to present the following documents during the enrollment process:

  • International passport
  • Academic qualifications or certificates
  • Birth certificate or age declaration
  • Certificate of origin

JAMB Registration Slip Examination and Admission Process

  • After successfully registering, foreign students will be advised of their exam day, time, and location.
  • The JAMB exam is a computer-based test that covers topics such as English language, mathematics, and general knowledge.
  • After completing the JAMB exam, international students can use their JAMB score to apply for admission to their desired higher institution.
  • Each institution has its own set of admissions requirements, which international students must meet in order to be admitted.

Detailed Admission Process for Foreign Students

The Role of the University

Initial Submission to JAMB

  • The Letter of Indemnity:

Universities must immediately create and submit a roster of all new foreign students seeking current admission to their respective state JAMB offices.

A letter of indemnification from the institution’s head must accompany this list, stating that all candidates match the institution’s admission criteria and indemnifying JAMB against any inaccuracies.

Communication with JAMB’s Director of Admissions

  • Via CAPS Mail:

The same list and letter of indemnification should be provided to the JAMB Director of Admissions via Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) mail to ensure a dual submission for verification.

The Candidate’s Journey

Profile Creation at the State JAMB Office

  • Exclusive to the State JAMB Office:

Candidates are instructed to go to their specific State JAMB Office to build profiles on the JAMB facilities platform.

It is important to note that only the State JAMB Office based at the university will service these profiles.

Complete the application form.

  • Fresh Foreign Application Form:

This form is only available and fillable at the State JAMB office. Any candidate who has not already been listed by the institution cannot have their application processed.

Post-Registration Steps

  • Registration Number and Transaction ID:

Candidates will be assigned a unique Registration Number and Transaction ID once they have completed the registration process.

  • Printing the Indemnity Form:

Each candidate must print and submit an auto-generated Indemnity Form to their institution for verification and approval by the institution’s head.

Finalisation by the Head of Institution.

  • Online Authorization:

The head of the institution is responsible for authorising the candidate’s application online. This stage is crucial since it makes the candidate’s information public on CAPS, allowing the institution to submit and suggest the individual for JAMB’s final approval.


What Does This Mean for International Students and Institutions?

This revised approach places a higher responsibility on both educational institutions and candidates to ensure the accuracy of the information given.

For candidates, it emphasises the necessity of following the prescribed protocols and maintaining a close connection with their selected university throughout the admissions process.

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