February 22, 2024

Are you interested in printing out your JAMB Admission Letter? If yes, this post is for you as it directs and contains all you need to know about the JAMB Admission Letter. However, it is important to reprint your JAMB Admission Letter when necessary. Read further to know when to print out your JAMB Admission Letter and also the steps required.

JAMB Admission Letter

About the JAMB Admission Letter

For the 2024/2025 academic session, the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has opened the portal for you to download and print.

You may now print yours online by following the instructions in this post. After it has offered you provisional admission, the following step is to print the admission letter.

The following two methods will let you know if you have received an admission offer:

  • When have you seen your name on your institution’s recently released admission list
  • You have verified your admission by checking your JAMB admission status.

How to Print JAMBLetter Online 2024

Below are the steps to follow:

1. Click here to access the JAMB Admission Letter Printing Portal.

2. Use your ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’ to log in.

3. Select the tab “Admission Letter.” you may find this on the sidebar or the main page.

4. They produce a Transaction ID for this service after you select it.

5. It will display this information on the confirmation page.

6. Examine the information on the Confirmation Page.

7. If you want to pay with your card right away, click the Continue option.

8. Following payment, it will request you to submit the following information: Exam Year and JAMB Registration Number.

9. You may now print your Admission letter as seen on your screen after inputting the information correctly.

The Cost of Print a JAMB Letter

If you print your own JAMB admission letter, it would cost you only one thousand naira (1,000). If you plan on printing it at a nearby computer café, plan on spending $1500.

Institution acceptance letters can cost up to 2500 dollars depending on the school since some schools need you to purchase a scratch card pin to see your admission status online, which can cost up to 2500 dollars.

We should also remember that you may print your JAMB Admission and school records whenever you want. However, print both before school starts again.

This action has no deadline or closing date, therefore, you may print it whenever you choose. Simply ensure that you choose the relevant test year so that you may print the letter whenever you want. Please forward this information to your friends and those in need.


How Many Times Can You Print the JAMB Letter?

“I have printed my acceptance letter twice, is there any restriction to how many times I may print it?” This is one of the common questions people ask.

The answer is that there are none. As long as you’ve paid for it, you may print as many times as you like.

You may even save the letter’s pdf file to your phone or computer and print it at your leisure.

How to Print School Admission Letter

1. Go to the official website of your school.

2. Locate the Admission Checker Portal or the Menu.

3. Stick to the screen’s guidelines.

4. Making Use of Your JAMB Registration Number

Finally, determine whether they have offered you ADMISSION. If you’ve been accepted, print your acceptance letter, or To do so, go to the nearest internet café.

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