JAMB cannot write the JAMB examination without registering, and you cannot register successfully, without having a JAMB profile. This is where we come in. If you follow our carefully laid out steps as you read on, you should be able to do them yourself.

How to Create a JAMB Profile 

How to Create JAMB Profile

In recent years, JAMB has come up with different updates. One of them happens to be creating profiles. Before now this process is normally done in either a JAMB office close to you or anywhere else, or you can do it with JAMB personnel trained for it.

Creating a JAMB profile is the very first step for any student Nigeria who wishes to study in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

Let’s show you how you can easily do it in two different ways, without stressing yourself.

1. Create JAMB profile via SMS (text message)

One of the ways that you can easily create a JAMB Profile is by using SMS. This is for those who prefer texting.

All you have to do is compose the SMS.

Here is the format that you should use:

  • Type your Surname, First name, and Middle name in this order.
  • Send it from your mobile to the number 55019.

It is important you note that a one-time SMS charge of N50 applies, so ensure you have sufficient credit.


2. Create JAMB Profile Online

Another way that you can create a JAMB profile is by doing so online and it is as easy as the first one.

Here is how it goes about it:

  • Visit the Official JAMB Website by CLICKING HERE
  • Do well to fill in all the required details as you would find in the registration form.
  • Click on the ‘Verify e-Mail‘ button.
  • Follow the link that will be sent to your email address.
  • Enter all the required personal information and details.
  • Sign up and create your profile.

To be successfully registered, you will have to check the email address you provided during this process. JAMB will send you a verification email containing crucial instructions for the subsequent steps.

What are the  Requirements for Creating a JAMB Profile?

The requirements for creating a JAMB profile are very basic. Just like we have highlighted earlier, It is a Surname, First name, and Middle name. If you are creating a profile using the online method, then you will be required to fill in other information like your email.

What is the Cost of Creating a JAMB Profile?

Creating a JAMB profile is free. However, if you are making use of the SMS method as we have stated earlier, you will be charged a one-time service fee of about 50 naira.

Tips for JAMB Profile Creation

Creating a JAMB profile is the basic step for students who wish to pursue their higher education in Nigeria.

You may choose to create a profile either using SMS or online registration but you should note these:

1. Always double-check all information entered during registration to avoid errors.

2. Check the provided email regularly for updates from JAMB.

3. You should carefully document your login details and profile information for future reference.

What to Do After Creating Your JAMB Profile

After Creating your JAMB Profile, you can now go ahead with your JAMB registration. Creating a JAMB profile is the basic but there are other processes and that is what you do next.

The next steps will involve:

1. Get a JAMP profile Code

2. Check JAMB iBass

3. Purchase an ePin

4. Visit an Accredited CBT center

Do this and you are all but set for the exam


How to Use Your JAMB Profile for UTME/DE Application

The JAMB profile is important because this is where you get your JAMB profile code. It is the profile code that JAMB will make use of to identify who you are.

In the process of registration, the code will be required and if you don’t have one, you will not be able to register. The same goes for when you make a mistake with your profile or code, you may just end up registering for the exams for someone else.

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