December 3, 2023

Jamb Past Questions and Answers: When writing an exam, be it a national or an international exam, it is not out of place for the exam bodies to repeat exam questions. In most cases, most examiners repeat certain types of questions exactly or in different forms. So Jamb questions aren’t left out. Let’s get to know how true this is.

Jamb Past Questions and Answers

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) conducts entrance exams in Nigeria for institutions of advanced study.

For candidates applying to undergraduate programs in Nigerian universities, the board conducts the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

Additionally, the board is responsible for conducting comparable tests for candidates for admission to Nigerian public and private polytechnics, monotechnics, and colleges of education.

Jamb Past Questions and Answers PDF

In the JAMB exam, past JAMB questions are crucial since they give applicants an idea of the kinds of questions to anticipate and the areas to concentrate on based on prior JAMB questions.

In order to better prepare for the main exam, JAMB students can use old questions to evaluate and reevaluate themselves.

You can download Jamb’s past questions and answers from the links below all past questions below are from 1983 till this year (2023);

Subject Combinations for JAMB

You will be given the subject combinations for a few courses in this article, which should make it easier for you to decide which courses to include or exclude.

Political Science: English, Mathematics, Economics, and any other social science field

Philosophy: The JAMB subject combinations for Philosophy are English, literature, economics, and any other art subject.

Microbiology: For Microbiology, the JAMB subject combinations are English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Medicine and Surgery: For Medicine and Surgery, the JAMB subject combinations are English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Geology: The JAMB subject combinations for Geology are English, Geography, Physics, and Chemistry.

Law: Literature, Use of English, Economics, or any other social science subject are good subject combinations for Law.

Public Administration: The JAMB subject combinations for Public Administration are English, Mathematics, Economics, and any other social science subject.

Psychology: JAMB subject combinations for Psychology are English, Economics, Mathematics, and any other social science subject.

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How Many Subjects Would I Write During JAMB?

Regardless of the University degree you choose to take, you will need to write four subjects. Although English is a must, you will still need to take three additional subjects of your choosing.

Areas of Concentration for English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics

1. English

No matter if you are a student of science, engineering, or the arts, you must take Use of English as a mandatory subject.

You can choose three more disciplines based on your intended path of study at the institution now that you are aware that the English language is a requirement.

2. Mathematics

Mathematics is a required topic for anyone pursuing careers in physical science, engineering, or economics, so you should carefully study through old examination questions.

Business Mathematics;

  • AP and GP
  • Variation
  • Quadratic and Simultaneous equations
  • Simple differentiation and Integration Plus their applications

3. Physics

Physics is for those looking to study Physics, Engineering, and other Engineering related courses

  • How to analyze Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • How to solve machine-related questions.
  • Mirrors and Lens
  • Transformers
  • Nuclear Physics

4. Biology

Candidates should pay close attention to Biology in JAMB if they intend to pursue a career in medicine, pharmacy, or biological science.

Candidates who want to choose biology as one of their courses should be prepared to read much because the subject is fairly extensive.

  • The cell structures
  • Organization of life
  • Supporting tissues in plants
  • Virus and diseases
  • Erosion

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