February 24, 2024

How to Follow up on a Job Interview: After refining your cover letter and résumé and acing the interview, you await word from the firm on the following stages. And you’re wondering how to follow up on a job interview after a day or a week without jeopardising your chances of securing a job.

How to Follow up on a Job InterviewThe trick is to achieve a balance between being professional and eager without becoming overly eager and possibly needy. Everything you need to know about following up on a job interview is right here.


Why Should You Follow Up on a Job Interview?

Following up after a job interview can help express your enthusiasm for the position. It also shows the company that you have specific soft talents.

The email you send or the voicemail you leave are wonderful examples of your written and spoken communication abilities in action.

What to Do After a Job Interview

If you don’t hear back from your job interview, it doesn’t imply you didn’t get the job or that the company is ghosting you.

You’re likely only one of several candidates that interviewed for the position, which complicates matters for the hiring manager.

“Consider that for one position, they may have had hundreds of applicants, then conducted between five and 10 interviews for that role.”

So, although you are the only one following up, each interviewer may have up to ten individuals to follow up with.

What does this have to do with you? “You don’t want to annoy the interviewer by contacting them too soon or too many times.”

How to Follow Up on a Job Interview

So, here’s how to properly follow up on a job interview.

Review Your Notes

You’ve (hopefully) been taking notes throughout the interview. And there is generally time at the end of the interview for you to ask questions.

If the hiring manager hasn’t already told you, inquire when you can expect to hear about the following steps. Will they email you or phone you? Do they expressly request that you not contact them?

Check your notes again before following up. Wait a week if they indicated it would be a week before contacting them.

And, while it may be tempting, avoid following up exactly one week after your interview.

Consider waiting a few days or even a week before contacting them, just in case they’ve fallen behind.

You may believe that reaching out before the deadline demonstrates your interest in the position.

It can, however, show a lack of soft skills such as being an attentive listener, paying attention to details, and following instructions. So, as difficult as it may be, resist the temptation to reach out too soon.


An Example of a Follow-Up Script

When it comes time to follow up, you’ll most likely do so via email, though you can leave a message if you want — or even send a note via postal mail if you believe it’s more appropriate for the role and organization.

Whatever type of contact you select, your follow-up should include the following seven elements:

  • The first name of the interviewer
  • An explanation of why you’re checking on the status of your candidature
  • Mention the job title you applied for and the day you interviewed.
  • Reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Inquire directly on the status and express your eagerness to hear from them.
  • Thank you very much
  • A cheerful tone

Here’s an example of a follow-up email:

Hello, [Interviewer Name].

I wanted to quickly follow up to see if there have been any developments on the [job title] position I interviewed for on [date]. I’m looking forward to joining the team because this role appears to be a good fit for my background [provide a particular example of what you’ll bring to the role]. I eagerly await any updates as they become available. Please let me know if there’s anything you need from me.

Thanks again,

[Your name]

You can also use this email to comment on anything said in the interview (such as the company’s strategic goals for the following two quarters) or to mention something you neglected to mention.

In order to display genuine attention and involvement, bring up specific aspects or themes mentioned throughout the interview.

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