What is a Pay Stub? Employees are given a pay stub along with their paychecks. The counterfoil allows the employee to confirm what funds were deducted from the gross pay to arrive at the final net pay figure. Continue reading!

What is a Pay StubThere is no federal legislation that requires employers to submit pay stubs to employees, though most states do.


Elements of a Pay Stub

Each pay stub should have some fundamental characteristics that are similar to all pay stubs. Pay stubs usually indicate the amount per pay period as well as a year-to-date total.

Pay stubs typically include the following information:

Information in General:

The pay stub should include basic identifying information such as the employer’s name and address, the employee’s name and address, and the employee’s Social Security number.

Pay Period: 

The pay stub should specify the days for which the payments are made as well as the total number of hours worked.

Gross Salary:

This is the total amount earned in pre-tax dollars for the pay period. The employee’s gross compensation would be $300 if they worked 15 hours at $20 per hour.

You record the number of hours worked, the pay rate, any additional earnings, and any accrued time off.

Deductions for Taxes:

There should be a line stating each tax taken from the cheque, including federal, state, and unemployment taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare withholdings.

Employee Benefits Deductions: 

Show how much was taken from the employee’s pay in order for the employee to make various contributions to health insurance, health savings accounts, life insurance payments, and retirement contributions.

Deductions Made Voluntarily:

This line item on the pay stub displays the amount an employee chooses to withhold monthly, which could include a recurring charity gift.

Involuntary Deductions: 

Wage garnishments can include things like unpaid taxes or court-ordered child support payments.


Net Salary:

The amount of money left over after all deductions for the employee.

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