How Much Does Private Schools Cost in the UK: Choosing between public and private education can be a minefield. Not only are there financial consequences to consider, but also the practicalities of the school run, SEND provision, academic data, and pastoral assistance. Continue reading!

How Much Does Private Schools Cost in the UK

All while determining which school best suits your child’s requirements and personality.

Let’s check one of these boxes: here’s our School Guide breakdown of what parents may anticipate to pay when enrolling their child in a private school.


The Cost of Private School Per Term

The cost of private school fees varies greatly depending on whether the institution is elementary or secondary, boarding or day.

Living in the South or inside Greater London will also be advantageous.

According to the Independent Schools Council (ISC) Census, the following are the average fees per term:

Age GroupBoarding fees/
boarding school/
per term
Day fees/
boarding school/
Day fees/
day school/
per term
Sixth Form £12,966 £7,684 £5,625
Secondary £12,139 £7,255 £5,495
Junior/Primary £8,951 £5,495 £4,827
Overall Fees / Term £12,344 £6,944 £5,218

Private school prices vary by area; nonetheless, the majority of students attend day schools, which charge an average of £5,218 per term, or £15,655 per year.

This represents a 3.1% increase since the last ISC census in 2021, albeit one of the lowest increases witnessed over the recent decade.

A typical day school termly price in the North-West of the UK is £4,500, while families in London can expect to pay just under £6,250 per term.


All of the above private school fees do not include additional charges for school transport, extra-curricular activities, books, laptops, or uniforms (as explained in our private school ‘hidden extras’ blog); however, they do not include the wide range of bursaries and scholarships available to families throughout the UK.

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