February 24, 2024

How Long is a Job Interview: Interviews are frequently the most important aspect of any recruitment process. Employers frequently inquire, “How long should an interview last?” Professionals, on the other hand, want to know “How long do interviews last?” 

How Long is a Job InterviewSpending too little time in an interview may result in you missing out on a candidate’s talents; spending too much time will result in a declining return on your time.

The typical job interview process in the UK consists of two interview stages, although senior positions often have three phases and always involve at least one face-to-face interview.


How Long is a Job Interview? 

Interviews can range in length from 15 minutes to many hours. The length of an interview is determined by a number of factors, including its structure.

During the employment process, you may be subjected to a variety of interviews, including:

Interviews Over the Phone

Phone interviews are frequently the first interview you will have during the job process. A recruiter or human resources person will usually call you to confirm basic information on your résumé.

They may also inquire about your possible start date if you are offered the position, as well as the ideal times for you to come in for an in-person interview. They may ask about your pay needs and scheduling flexibility.

Some recruiters may ask questions about your fit within the corporate culture during phone interviews. Questions can reveal whether you work effectively in groups, how you deal with stress, and how you manage your time.

These questions may be asked to determine whether you should be scheduled for an interview with the recruiting manager.

If the recruiter merely asks you basic questions about your résumé, the interview should last approximately 15 minutes.

If they ask you more questions regarding your work style, you can prepare for up to 40 minutes.

In-Person Interviews

In-person interviews normally run 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the recruiting manager and the number of workers you need to speak with.

In certain situations, you may spend up to a full day interviewing with a firm and executing some of the major work functions under supervision.

During in-person interviews, you may expect a variety of questions designed to assess your ability to fulfil all of the job’s responsibilities.

You might also meet with possible coworkers to assess how well you would fit in. You can anticipate to meet with a number of managers and coworkers at the same time during panel interviews.

A final, in-person interview with the department head or employer may also be required.

These interviews are normally 15 minutes long and include fundamental components of the job such as income, work hours, and perks.

Interviews on Video

Video interviews can take place at any point during the employment process. Some recruiters may use video interviews instead of phone interviews to observe how you respond to various inquiries.

If you apply for a job in a different city than you live in, or if the hiring manager works from a different city, the recruiter may organise a video interview instead of an in-person meeting.

A phone interview can run anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on whether you’re talking with a recruiter or a hiring manager.

Technical Interviews

Some firms conduct technical interviews for employment in engineering, software development, and other fields.

These, like first-round in-person interviews, normally run 45 to 60 minutes. They might happen at any point during the employment process.

During this period, the interviewer will most likely put your technical skills to the test. They may request that you react vocally or write your response on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

Certain recruiters may send a technical interview questionnaire via a secure website. You may be given a specific amount of time to answer the questions and return the form.

They will then go over your responses and decide if you should go to the next round of interviews.

Group Interviews

You and many other candidates meet with the hiring manager or panel at the same time during group interviews.

Some businesses do group interviews to examine how applicants interact with one another, which saves time throughout the recruiting process.

Depending on the size of the group, these interviews normally run around an hour.


Interviews for Open Positions

Some firms hold open recruiting events on certain days or during employment fairs. You may anticipate to meet with interviewers at any moment during their open hours at these events.

The interviewer looks over your résumé and performs an informal interview. In rare situations, the recruiting manager may offer you a position right after the interview.

Interviews for open positions normally last 30 minutes to an hour.

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