Ankin Law Office scholarship honors the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families have made on behalf of our nation. Delaying education and training in order to serve our nation is one of the sacrifices that must be made.

They anticipate that the $1,000 scholarship will aid the winner’s transition to a career in the private sector.

The money will be paid directly to the award recipient’s educational institution and used only for books and tuition. Read on to get more detailed information about this scholarship

About Ankin Law Office Scholarship

This scholarship program is for individuals whose father, mother, or close relatives are US military or armed forces personnel.

It is designed to assist qualifying students who intend to enroll in undergraduate or graduate programs at an approved community college or university.

If you are selected for this scholarship, you will have the chance to pursue your academic goals without having to struggle financially.

The financial helping program, which was started a few years ago, has assisted hundreds of students who qualified and submitted the necessary paperwork.

To learn more about the qualifications and what you must submit to be considered for the military-based scholarship, continue reading.

Award Value:

Winning this scholarship award automatically makes you $2,500 richer. This means the Ankin Law Office scholarship for military veterans is worth $2,500.

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Requirements for Ankin Law Office Scholarship

1. You must be a US citizen and must reside in the country.

2. You must be a military veteran or your immediate family belongs to the US Army or any military Force.

3. You must be enrolled in a certified US community college or university.

4. You are equally eligible if you are offering a vocational or trade program in an accredited institution in the country.

5. You must write a 1000-word essay

6. You must provide your proof or a relative’s proof of military service.

7. You need a letter of recommendation

8. Short but detailed CV, showcasing your academic achievements.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this year’s scholarship as of the time of publication is unknown.

You should regularly check the Ankin Law Office website for changes to the deadline for the financial aid program.

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