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Equitable Excellence Scholarship

About the Equitable Excellence Scholarship

The upgraded scholarship program provides potential college students with participation to help open doors as well as renewable scholarships.

The window for 2023 applications is currently shut. Please come back when the application reopens in the fall of 2024.

The emphasis on finding children with potential who show the qualities of leadership, persistence, and resilience necessary for their success in the future is growing at Equitable Foundation.

The flagship program of the company’s charitable giving arm, Equitable Foundation, is named Equitable Excellence.

In keeping with Equitable’s own mission of assisting people in achieving financial security so they can face the future with confidence, the Equitable Excellence Scholarship emphasizes empowering students’ future plans so they can continue to make positive contributions to their community.

To support students in their academic endeavors, Equitable will provide 100 recipients with $5,000 annual scholarships that will be renewed each academic year for four years, totaling $20,000 per recipient.

The firm will also award 100 one-time $2,500 scholarships to youngsters who require help for immediate education costs like tuition, books, or board.

No matter how much money is awarded in scholarships, each winner’s high school will get a $500 grant.

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More Information About Equitable Excellence Scholarship

In addition to financial aid, Equitable wants to provide award recipients with engagement activities and development opportunities to ease their transition into their first year of college.

This will involve participating in professional skill-building, networking, and mentorship programs with members of Equitable’s executive leadership teams and staff.

While the application is open, graduating seniors in high school who wish to apply should submit an essay outlining their courage in pursuing their goals, perseverance in facing challenges, and desire to share their knowledge with others.

Equitable has forged new strategic alliances with Scholarship America, CommonApp, and the National College Attainment Network to assist students who apply for the scholarship and are seeking resources to assist the college application process (NCAN).

Eligibility Requirements for the Equitable Excellence Scholarship

1. The Equitable Excellence Scholarship is committed to students who show promise.

2. Those who have the guts to pursue their goals, display resiliency in the face of challenges, and share their expertise with others.

3. By presenting the Equitable Excellence Award to those who are dedicated to achieving their goals, they show their devotion to those individuals.

You must:

4. Currently, be a senior in high school with plans to enroll full time for the upcoming academic year in a recognized two- or four-year college or institution in the United States.

5. Being a resident of one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico and is a citizen or lawful resident of the United States.

6. Be ready to sign a release authorizing the use of their names, credentials, and pictures in Program promotion and educational materials.

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How to Apply for the Equitable Excellence Scholarship

Visit their website to apply for the Equitable Excellence Scholarship:

Click here

Application Deadline

The scholarship application window has closed.

Each scholarship offers the chance to develop as a person while not having to worry about money. The Equitable Excellence Scholarship is no different, and you ought to take advantage of this chance.

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