March 4, 2024

Military Scholarships: while many military grants and scholarships are only available to students majoring in fields with direct military applications (such as medicine or military strategy), some are more open-ended and given out based on merit or need.

Military Scholarships

Scholarship winners can, if necessary, use applications like the FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to seek additional assistance, however, eligibility requirements and amounts vary widely.

List of Military Scholarships

The Montgomery GI Bill is one of the most effective financial aid schemes of its kind, despite not being a scholarship.

Anyone enlisting in the US Armed Forces who agrees to participate in the law, which mandates that they donate US$100 per month during their first year of duty, is eligible for this money.

This is a small amount in comparison to education costs, and, depending on their military role and length of service, those receiving university funding from this source can receive up to US$72,900.

1. Scholarships from the US Army

The US Army and its supporting organizations provide numerous scholarships for serving individuals on active duty and/or retirements, such as the US Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarship, the Health Professions Scholarship Program, and the Army Staff Sgt.

Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship. Another significant source of scholarships is the Army Scholarship Foundation.

2. Scholarships from the US Navy

The US Navy offers educational support programs that give recruits the chance to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees on-site and at a typical university campus in place of many military grants. The Navy itself heavily subsidizes costs, sometimes even fully.

3. Scholarships from the US Air Force

The US Air Force runs a community college and offers scholarships and other financial aid.

Here you will discover information for commissioned officers looking to further their education, also, you can find information for other enlisted individuals.

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4. Scholarships from the US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps offers just a few opportunities for funding, such as the Women Marines Association Scholarship and the Frederick C. Branch Scholarship.

5. Scholarships from the US Coast Guard

As well as offering its own academic institution free for enrollees (the United States Coast Guard Academy), the US Coast Guard also offers funding to support students who want to enroll after first completing a traditional university education.

The College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative works like the ROTC program, offering up to two years of tuition fees for eligible students at the sophomore and junior levels in exchange for a minimum of three years’ service as an officer in the US Coast Guard after graduation.

6. Scholarships for Military Spouses and Children

The US military also does a good job of helping to provide education for the families of its service members, and there are many scholarships for military spouses and the children/dependents of active, retired, disabled, or deceased US military personnel. Again, eligibility varies for each fund.

General scholarships for military spouses and children include those from the Fisher House Foundation and the FAFSA, which offers Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants and Federal Pell Grants.

The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program, the Scholarship for Air Force Enlisted Member’s Dependent Children, and the AFSA Scholarship Program (for dependents of Air Force Sergeants Association members) are funded for US Army service members. The Spouse Education Assistance Program is available to military spouses and children of US Army service members.

Through organizations like the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (for interest-free loans and grants), the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, and the Coast Guard Foundation, the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard also provide scholarships for military wives and children.

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