What to Bring to a Job Interview: Preparing for a job interview entails more than just practising your responses in the mirror and looking your best. It is also important to arrive with all of the necessary items. Keep reading!

What to Bring to a Job Interview

If you arrive at an interview unprepared, the interviewer may conclude you’re unorganised or simply uninterested in the employment.

Begin on the right foot by bringing everything you’ll need to make an excellent first impression.


What to Bring to a Job Interview? 

Below are the things to bring to a job interview:

1. A Copy of Your Resume

Bring at least five copies of your resume. Keep them in a separate folder or professional folio so they don’t wrinkle or bend and are easy to find.

2. Pen and Paper

Take notes on any questions or startling insights your interviewers provide. You can use these notes to send a thank you email later.

3. Prepared Interview Questions for Your Interviewers

Add at least two or three pre-written questions for your interviewers to have on hand when you put the resume copies and blank paper in your folder or folio.

It’s a good idea to jot them down ahead of time in case your mind goes blank when asked, “Do you have any questions?”

4. A Reference List

Your interviewers may not ask for a list of references, but it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case.

References should come from persons who can attest to your professional qualifications and accomplishments.

Consider any groups or volunteer activities you’ve been a part of if you don’t have much work experience or can’t quickly identify people to be your references.

Former professors or community leaders who can address your dedication and work ethic are also viable possibilities. Avoid mentioning family members and avoid listing pals.

5. Mints or Floss for Your Teeth

Bring something to help you maintain good oral hygiene. Choose the option that will make you feel the best, whether it’s mints, gum, floss, or a toothbrush and toothpaste.

6. A Bag, Briefcase, or Portfolio that Neatly Holds all of Your Belongings

Once you’ve determined what you’ll need to bring to the interview, you should plan how you’ll organise and transport them.

The idea is to appear well-dressed and unburdened. Choose a professional-looking handbag, briefcase, messenger bag, or portfolio that can hold everything.

Backpacks are appropriate in some circumstances but not in others. Use your best judgement based on your company study and knowledge of their culture.


7. Directions to the Interview Location

Don’t let a late arrival ruin your chances of landing the job after all your meticulous preparation. You should arrive 10-15 minutes early and plan your route to the interview ahead of time.

If you’re taking public transit, allow for delays or unexpected interruptions. If you’re driving, make sure you have parking information—if you’re working with a recruiter, you can ask them to supply this information.

If you are still running late after all of your preparation, contact the office or recruiter with whom you are working. Most of the time, they will be understanding, but it is crucial to respect their time.

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