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WAEC Technical Drawing Questions and Answers

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb admission examinations in West African nations, is conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). More than three million applicants applied for the WAEC-organized tests in a single year.

WAEC Technical Drawing Questions (Objective)

1. The front view of a right cone U
A. rectangular.

B. square.

C. triangular.

D. circular.

2. The circumference of a circle Is its

A. area.

B. perimeter.

C. arc.

D. diameter.

3. The locus which uses two concentric circles as a method for its construction is a/an

A. cycloid.

B. hyperbola.

C. parabola.

D. ellipse.

4. The eccentricity of a parabola is

A. 1.33.

B. 1.00.

C. 0.75.

D. 0.67.

5. Isometric views are drawn to the horizontal with which of lire following pair of angles?

A. 30° and 60°

B. 45° and 60°

C. 30° and 90°

D. 45° and 90°

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6. The construction of a boll started with the

A. regular hexagon

B. chamfer curve

C. threaded length.

D. nominal diameter.

7. Which of the following has an internal! thread?

A. Stud

B. Bolt

C. Screw

D. Nut

Paper 3 Building Plan Questions

West African Senior School Certificate Examination for Private Candidates!

Building Construction 3

This paper consists of two sections. A and B.

Section A should be answered on a drawing paper and Section B in your answer booklet. It should be answered by candidates in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia ONLY.

Section B should be answered by candidates In Ghana ONLY.


For Candidates in the Gambia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone only.

Answer three questions only in this section, question l, and any other two questions

The diagram on page 3 represents the floor plan of a two-bedroom bungalow in a line diagram.

All dimensions are in millimeters.

Assume unspecified dimensions.

Study the specifications given below and answer the questions that follow.


675 x 225 concrete strip at a depth of 900 below the ground level.

Hardcore filling 200
Concrete slab 150
Mortar screed 25

All walls are 225 concrete hollow bricks with 12 mortar renderings on both sides.

D1 – 1200 x 2100 glazed metal door.
D2 – 900 x 2100 flush door with 100 x 75 hardwood timber frame.
D3 – 750 x 2100 flush wooden door with 100 x 75 timber frame.

All windows are glazed aluminum sliding type
W1 – 1500 x 1200
W2 – 600 x 600

225 x 225 reinforced concrete

The gable end roof will have aluminum roofing sheet Eaves projection 750
Pitch – 15″
Height from floor to ceiling 3000


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1. To a scale of 1:50, draw Section A – A from the foundation to the roof. [40 marks]

2. To a scale of 1:100, draw the floor plan of the building [30 marks]

3. Draw to a scale of 1:100, the following views

i.front elevation,

ii. right side elevation.
[30 marks]

4. Prepare, the door and window schedules using a scale of 1:50. [30 marks]

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