December 7, 2023

The WAEC Government Questions and Answers for the 2023/2024 batch are out and have been compiled to bring you the objective and theory QA (sort of expo) to enable you to pass with flying colours.

WAEC Government Questions and Answers

This article serves to give hints or expo on the type of questions you will encounter in the examination hall as you go through the OBJ section and theory.

WAEC Government Exams Expo 2023/2024

Disclaimer: We want to categorically and emphatically state that we at do not provide expos to students of Nigerian secondary schools but only give out guides.

Having analyzed thousands of questions from both immediate and distant past questions and answer on Government, this snippet below are questions you will likely see in the exam hall.

Use these questions as a guide and not as what you will actually see as the technical team at flex info will not be liable for any failure misconstrued from depending on our predictive model.

WAEC Government Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

Use the following WAEC Government Questions and Answers from past questions for test purposes only, read down for more details

1. What is Political Socialization?

Political socialization is the process of the acquisition and transmission of political knowledge and value by individuals from one generation to another.

It involves the transmission of values and beliefs of the political culture from one generation to the next.

Political Culture is maintained and changed through political socialization. The values, beliefs and orientations towards political objects and actions are transmitted as well as changed by this process.

2. Define Public Corporation

A) A public corporation may be defined as a business organization established, owned, managed, and financed with taxpayer’s money by the government of a country with the main motive of making a profit to render essential services to members of the public.


WAEC Government Questions and Answers PAPER 1 (Objective) 2023/2024

A glimpse of how the Government OBJ paper will be like

Instruction: Answer all the questions in this section.

1. Case-laws are made by the _______

A. Judiciary

B. President

C. Executive

D. Legislature

The Answer is A

2. The two leaders that played prominent roles in the formation of ECOWAS were ______

A. cheampong and Jawara

B. Gowon and Eyadema

C. Kerkoru and Tubman

D. Kounche and Senghor

The Answer is B

3. The political party with the widest spread of membership in Nigeria during the second republic was the _____





The Answer is D

4. The Aro system in Igboland was ______

A. A political organization

B. A commercial organization~

C. A religious organization

D. an imperial organization

The Answer is A

5. Which of the following had a centralized administration in pre-colonial Nigeria?

A. The Igbos

B. The Tivs

C. The Ibibios

D. The Yoruba

The Answer is D

WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Theory (Paper 2) PDF

Looking back at 2019 to date, a lot has changed which has had a direct or indirect impact on the world government and how it has adjusted its policies to accommodate the changes that have taken place.

In addition to the normal questions you know will be asked in the exam hall, we will give you a fresh perspective on what our predictive models has to say about the 2023 WAEC Government past Questions and Answers.

See below for questions

1. During COVID19, a lot of borders were shut due to fear of transmission, what effects did it have on the various nations

2. Which Country was the worst hit from having an insecure relationship due to COVID and why

3. Russia’s internal policies are set to change due to the war it waged on Ukraine, discuss

4. What prevented America from intervening in the Russian-Ukraine war?

5. What does the land use decree of 1978 say about land ownership in Nigeria


Simple Tips to Pass Your Government WAEC Exams in Flying Colors

There are habits a student will need to develop to be able to be successful in his exams, let’s explore them below:

1. Make sure you have complete notes and textbooks

2. Devote time to studying your notes and textbook

3. Try to ascertain what works for you during your studies, do you need to write or do you have a magnetic brain? based on this, adjust your strategies

4. Always meditate on what you’ve read so as to commit it to your long-term memory

5. Avoid the mindset of the expo as all you ever need is within you

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