Our WAEC Geography Questions and Answers for the 2024/2025 session are out and will be given out free of charge to all the secondary school students currently sitting for WAEC.

WAEC Geography Questions and Answers

This article will give you a sort of expo on the types of questions you will likely see in the Objective(OBJ), and theoretical aspects of your exams.

Geography is a term that attempts to demystify the earth and its components, as well as the relationship of the matter present in it and how their activities influence it.

WAEC Geography Questions and Answers Exams

Disclaimer: We want to categorically and emphatically state that we at flexyinfo.com do not provide expos to students of Nigerian secondary schools but only give out guides.

We have analyzed various manuscripts and found striking similarities which we will give out freely below.

Due to these similarities, we can predict what manner of questions will be asked in the exams.

Endeavor to study the questions below to get an idea of what to expect in the exam hall.


WAEC Geography Questions and Answers Objectives (OBJ) Exams

The WAEC Geography Questions and Answers objective questions are normally about 60 in total with an allotted time of one hour thirty minutes (1hr 30 mins).

It features text boxes where you will have to tick only one out of the five boxes provided.

Use the following WAEC Geography Questions and Answers snippet from past questions for practice purposes, see below for more details

Instruction: Attempt all Questions

1. The core of the earth is also called ______?

A) Mesosphere

B) Lithosphere

C) Hydrosphere

D) Barysphere

The correct answer is D.

2. One of the natural environmental resources mentioned below is non-renewable, which is it?

A) Rain

B) Minerals

C) Water

D) Oxygen

The correct answer is B.

3. Relief rainfall is common around the _____

A) Lowland areas

B) Peneplains

C) Highland areas

D) Sahara desert

The correct answer is C.

4. Which of the following features is of volcanic origin?

A) Sill

B) Zeugen

C) Loess

D) Gorge

The correct answer is A.

5. The instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure is _______

A) Hygrometer

B) Barometer

C) Thermometer

D) Anemometer

The correct answer is B.

6. The gradual breakdown of rocks in situ by either physical or chemical process is called

A) Erosion

B) Denudation

C) Weathering

D) Deposition

The correct answer is C.

WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2024 (Theory) PDF Download

The Paper 2 of the WAEC Geography Questions and Answers are Characterized by Theory.

See below for a sample of geography theory questions

Question 1.

(a) Briefly state five features of each of the following:

(b) conurbation;

(c) megapolis.

Question 2.

(a) In your words, explain any ten functions that settlements perform showing illustrations.

(b) List and explain the methods of transportation you know

Question 3.

(a) Scrutinize four disadvantages of inland water navigation.

(b) Identify six ways to solve the problem posited in 3. (a)

Question 4.

a) Using a pencil, sketch the map of Nigeria, and on the map, show, and name:

(b) The two most prominent rivers

(c) Abuja

(d) Lagos

WAEC Question Format & Instructions 2024 

In order to avoid failing WAEC, there is a list of rules all the applicants need to follow that they may not be aware of.

We will simply go through these unwritten rules so that they be in the know:

1. Always double-check and triple-check to ensure your details are correctly written on your question paper.

2. Do not write your name and number on more than one answer sheet in the exam hall.

3. Avoid doing expos at all costs.

4. Always read and understand the instructions on your answer booklet before attempting questions.

5. In your objectives, do not shade more than one answer as shading two might lead to penalties.

6. Always ensure to use HB pencils while shading. Shading with Pen is strictly prohibited.

7. Remember not to forget details as that might lead you to jail

8. Go through your past question and syllabus two days before your exam date and make only revisions on your exam day to avoid brain lags

9. Have all your writing materials, calculator, pens, and everything you will need.

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