WAEC Arabic Questions and Answers: The West African Examination Council (WAEC) will administer the Arabic exam. Papers III and II of the Waec Arabic answers are included (Objective & Essay). Read on for more information.

WAEC Arabic Questions and Answers Released

To help candidates understand the standards expected in the Arabic Knowledge Examination, the WAEC Arabic questions and answers below have been provided.

Please take note that the questions from the past WAEC Arabic questions and answers that are listed below are what we believe to be likely exam questions.

WAEC Arabic Questions 2024

Paper-II: Essay

Part I – Composition:

There were four questions in this part from which candidates were required to choose only one and write about 120 words on it.

1. Write a congratulatory letter to your friend on his success at the end-of-year academic examination.

2. Write a letter of appreciation to your uncle who assisted you in securing university admission.

3. Which one is more important between the house and the vehicle?

4. Write a letter to your friend, informing him/her of your marriage and about a newborn baby girl you have been blessed with.

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Part II – Literature:

In this part, there were eight questions grouped under four sections of two questions each. Candidates were expected to answer one question only from each part to make four questions in all.

1. Give a biographical account of the education of Zakariya Oseni and mention one of his literary works on drama.

2. Write short notes on the following characters in the play “Why do they hate us?’’

(a) Adam

(b) Hamzah

(c) Zaynab.

3. Talk about the circumstance surrounding the quoted line of Ahmad Shawqi and support your answer with two lines from the same poem.

4. Write briefly on the biography of Iliya Abu-Madi with little reference to his composition “at-Talasim”.

5. Write on the biography of Hassan B. Thabit and bring any two poetical lines of his.

6. Mention the author of the following sermon and interpret it literarily.

7. Describe the relationship between Jarir and Farazdaq, bringing a line each from any of their poems to illustrate.

8. Write briefly on the content of the sermon of ‘Ali B. Abī Tālib on “Sincere Struggle in the Cause of Allah”.

Important Notice: Again there is nothing like the waec Arabic expo. Do not fall for internet scammers who are attempting to scam you out of money by making false claims that you will get access to real exam questions before the test. This page’s content consists of potential test questions from previous WAEC questions and answers that can be used as a revision aid.

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