Looking for WAEC CRK Questions and Answers expo 2024/2025? Let’s go over CRK WAEC Objective and Theory repeated questions. We will also help you comprehend WAEC CRS questions and answers, plus the way WAEC Christian Religious Knowledge questions are designed and many other exam details on this page.

WAEC CRK Questions

WAEC Answers and questions to CRK Essay and Objectives are covered here in great detail. Also, the validity of these samples is assured for WAEC 2024 CRS.

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions and Answers

Two papers will be presented. Papers 1 and, 2 both of which are combined papers to be taken at one time.

WAEC CRS/CRK Objective Questions

1. According to Hosea the relationship between Israel and God is one of

A wife who is faithful and has an unfaithful husband.
B. The love of two people, a wife, and husband.
C. A faithful wife and husband who is true love.
D. A wife who is repentant and her husband who is forgiving.

2. King Josiah was considered to be a protector of the Jewish religion, due to the fact that he
A. Killed all the priests from Baal.
B. Converted all worshippers of Baal.
C. Constructed a modern temple located in Jerusalem.
D. Reformed the unclean religion of Israel

3. After David discovered that the baby born to David by Bethsheba had passed away David was devastated.
A. Needed Nathan’s advice on what to do.
B. who was anointed, was a worshiper of the Lord.
C. Wept all day.
D. Tore off his robe and returned to his home.

4. Which of the following tribes was Deborah and Barak in the battle with Jabin as well as Sisera?
A. Ephraim and Dan
B. Naphtali and Zebulun
C. Issachar and Reuben
D. Ephraim and Benjamin

CRS WAEC SSCE Objective Answers

1. The spot the place where Moses discovered his burning bush wasn’t consumed was
A. Meribah.
B. Horeb.
C. Bethel.
D. Nebo.

2. Based on Mark’s Gospel the first miracle performed by Jesus was
A) helping the leper
B) opening the eyes of a man who is blind
C) the healing of a man who has an unclean spirit
D) in bringing dead boys back to life

3. The disciples believed that God’s kingdom was coming soon when Jesus told them the parable of the

A) great banquet
B) prodigal son
C) pounds
D) winery

4. The miracle Jesus did on the Sabbath was ______

A) Gerasene demoniac
B) paralytic
C) epileptic boy
D) man with a worn hand

5. Peacemakers are blessed since they will
A) Gain peace of mind
B) Look God
C) take over the earth
D) be referred to as”the sons of God

6. “He who listens to you listens to me but he who refuses me rejects you. …..” This quote was made to

A) the 12 disciples He sent to preach
B) all disciples, just before the Ascension
C) the 70 people He sent to preach
D) all disciples in The Sermon on the Mount

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Theory Questions

SECTION A (Themes of the Old Testament)

WAEC CRS Answers 2024 Theory

1. Genesis 1:1-31
(a) Retell the dreams of Pharaoh
(b) What three different ways did interpretations of dreams impact Joseph and his family?

2. Exodus 3, 4: 1-17
(a) Define the call of Moses
(b)Mention three reasons Moses used to justify the call.

3. 1 Kings 16:29 – 33,18:1-19
(a) Write a report of the conversation between Elijah as well as Obadiah.
(b) Which two things can we learn from this experience?
Answers to Questions: The points are (i) Introduction to Baal religion throughout Israel through Jezebel’s spouse.
(ii) This caused famine in Israel for three and a half years.
(iii) Obadiah was the man who was in charge of the household of Ahab. provided a hundred prophets from God.
(iv) (iv) While Obadiah was looking in search of water, Obadiah ran into Elijah.
(v) (v) Obadiah for his visit to the king.

THEMES from the selected EPISTLES

1. Galatians 3: 23 – 2 (l, 4: 1-7)
(a)Within reference to the Galatians book Include any six things that convert unbelievers into God’s children. God.
(b)In what ways are there three ways Christians keep their status as God’s children? God?

2. Romans 12:3-8
(a) What did Paul’s advice concern using spiritual gifts within the Church?
(b) Three ways where spiritual gifts are used in today’s society to deceive people.

3. 2Cor 9:1-15
(a) Insist on the message from Paul regarding Christian giving, as outlined in Corinthians.
(b) In which two ways do people gain by giving?
ANS: The most important things are:
(i) (i) The offerings that were given to Paul were an offering of fragrant aroma which was a pleasing sacrifice accepted by God.
(ii) (iii) God will provide for their needs in accordance with His glory and riches.
(iii) The Macedonian was proud of his achievements and boasted about the gifts he gave to the Macedonians.
(iv) Paul said he who sows well will reap sparingly, and vice the reverse.

4. 2 Thess. 3:6-15
(a) Consider Paul’s teaching regarding “dignity in labor” within Thessalon Ians.
(b) Four lessons that can you draw from this instruction.

James 2:14-26
(a) (a) Highlight James the teaching of faith and works.
(b) Two lessons could Christians take away from this lesson?

Themes From the Four GOSPELS and the APOSTLES’ ACTS

1. 1st Peter 5:5-11
(a) Then, you can highlight Peter’s lecture on Humility.
(b) Select three traits of a person who is humble.

2. Matthew 4:1-11
(a) Provide the story of the temptation to Jesus that Matthew recorded in his Gospel.
(b)State three important points in this tale.


DISCLAIMER! These aren’t real WAEC Christian Religious Studies questions however, they could be questions that have been repeated through the years to help candidates understand the purpose of their tests. Be sure to practice every question listed in this section.

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