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WAEC History Questions and Answers

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WAEC History Objectives Questions

The objective portion of the Exams is comprised of multiple-choice options. Be sure to study the questions thoroughly before you decide on the answer.
1. Which Year did Nigeria get its independence?
A. 1970
B. 1950
C. 1940
D. 1930
E. 1960
What is correct is E)1960

2. Which one of them colonized Nigeria?
A. America
B. Britain
C. Europe
D. Africa
E. the United Kingdom
(The Correct Answer Is B) Britain

3. Nigeria is part of the Continent Called?
A. Biafra
B. Africa
C. South-South
D. Niger Delta
E. Ecowas
The correct answer is (B), Africa

4. The biggest continent on earth is?
A. Africa
B. Australia
C. Asia
D. the Atlantic Ocean
E. Mississippi
What is correct is), Asia

5. Africa is the biggest globe-spanning continent?
A. First
B. Third
C. Fourth
D. Second
E. Fifth
A Correct Solution is) Second

6. Which continent of the globe is the one with the smallest?
A. Africa
B. Asia
C. Australia
D. the Atlantic Ocean
E. Mississippi
(The Correct Answer Is C) Australia

7. Who was the one to bring an end to twin killing in Nigeria?
A. Mary Mitchell Slessor
B. Samuel Ajayi Crowther
C. Mary Adams
D. Mary Lugard
E. John Emirate
A is correct) Mary Mitchell Slessor

8. Who was the first to name Nigeria?
1. Nigerians
A. Abraham Babangida
B. Flora Shaw
C. Mary Slessor
D. Samuel Ajayi Crowther
B is the correct answer.) Flora Shaw.

9. What was the most effective method of exchange that was popular in the past?
A. Foreign exchange
B. Intercontinental exchange
C. Business exchange
D. Barter trade
What is correct is D) Barter trade

WAEC History Past Questions and Answers 2023

1. There are people of different races in Nigeria?
A. 275
B. 360
C. 279
D. 250
Correct answer: D. 250

2. The Nigeria day of the democracy was moved from May 29th to ____?
A. June 12th
B. 1st October
C. 27th May
D. April 4th
E. 16 November.
Correct Answer: A. 12th June

3. What date was the Nigeria democracy day changed from May 29th, to June 12th, ___?
A. June 6, 2020
B. May 6 May 6, 2018
C. June 6, 2018
D. April 6 April 6, 2019,
E. September 6 7
Correct answer: C. June 6, 2018.

4. The country with the highest population in the world is _____?
A. America
B. India
C. China
D. United kingdom
E. Nigeria
The right solution is) China.

5. Which one of these is the hottest area around the globe?
A. Mercury
B. Venus
C. Sun desert
D. The sky
E. the Sahara Desert
Correct Answer: E) The Sahara Desert.

6. Was the first President of Nigeria?
A. Abacha
B. Lord Lugard
C. Nnamdi Azikiwe
D. Babangida
E. Obasanjo
Correct Answer: C) Nnamdi Azikiwe.

WAEC Theory History/Essay Questions and 2023

Fill in your answers in the answer book supplied.
Section B [Essay]
1. Five characteristics to be identified of the trade expansion in pre-colonial Nigeria.
Answers: (i) People traded items on the basis of bartering;
(ii) Markets as well as market day;
(iii) It is the existence of trading long-distance because people went above and beyond to locate the scarce items;
(iv) Professional traders;
(v) The development of trade routes as a consequence of routine usage.

2. (a) In the following paragraphs, you should mention three Hausa States prior to the colonial era.
(b) Indicate four of the economic activities performed by the Hausa prior to colonization.
Answers: (a)The Hausa states in the pre-colonial era include Kano, Rano, Gobir, Zamfara, Biram, Nupe etc.
(b) (i) (i) cultivated food crops like millet that they sold to earn money.
(ii) (iii) The Hausa were involved in the manufacture of fabrics;
(iii) External and internal trade flourished prior to colonial times. Trans-Saharan trade helped to spur the expansion of several trading centres, such as Katsina, Zaria, and Kano;
(iv) Fishing;
(v) mining;
(vi) blacksmiths;
(vii) leatherwork, etc.

3. Five factors that helped to make the Benin kingdom in the precolonial period.
Answers to: (i) Able and effective leadership
(ii) diverse income sources;
(iii) trade relations (iii) trade connections with Europeans on the Coast;
(iv) the expertise of craftsmen in the creation of bronze human heads as well as other figures;
(v) .

4. (a) Define the regions in which the following Yoruba warriors were overlords.
(b) Name four ramifications from four possible outcomes of the Yoruba civil war that erupted in the 19th century.

5. (a) Discuss the process of making pottery during pre-colonial times.
(b) Draw a diagram of any four pottery used in precolonial times.
Answer: (a) (i) collect clay
(ii) cut the clay into small pieces
(iii) Add some water to the clay
(iv) (iv) soak the mixture for at least a day;
(v) Sieve to eliminate impurities and drain the water
(vi) kneel and then model the shape
(vii) Allow drying before igniting.


Disclaimer! These aren’t real WAEC History questions, but they may be questions that were repeated over the years to aid candidates in understanding the rationale behind how their exams are formulated. You should practice each one of the questions on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently asked questions on Waec’s history questions and answers for you; 

 1. How do you Answer History Exam Questions?

Step 1: Use contextual knowledge to explain why the statement is correct.

Step 2: Use the sources to support your contextual knowledge.

Step 3: Use contextual knowledge to explain why the statement is incorrect.

Step 4: Use the source to support your contextual knowledge. 

2. What is History Short Question Answer?

The science that tries to understand past events is called ‘history’. The past includes many events that have already taken place.

History attempts to find out answers to many questions by studying the way of thinking of past societies , their actions and the consequences.

3. How can I Access previous Question in Waec?

WAEC e-learning contains past questions and solutions of all subjects.

WAEC e-learning portal is accessible from

4. How do you write a 10 Mark Question in History?  

From my experience, when answering a ten mark question, especially during the exam, a key factor is do not overwrite, but put emphasis on quality over quantity during your answer. Most importantly stick to the PEEL technique. A common answer that would get towards the higher bands of the mark scheme.

5. Who is the Mother of History?

Abigail, Josephine, Adams and Anna are called as mothers of modern history.

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