Are you aware of the best cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid? These apps offer a convenient way to bridge financial gaps, cover unexpected expenses, or manage cash flow challenges. Let’s see the full details!

Cash Advance Apps that Don't Use Plaid Reddit

Overview of Plaid

Financial technology provider Plaid offers a platform and infrastructure for integrating different financial services and apps with consumers’ bank accounts.

By acting as a link between financial institutions and outside apps, it makes safe and easy data sharing possible.

Thanks to Plaid’s technology, users can connect apps to their bank accounts to do things like transfer money, make payments, create budgets, and receive access to financial information.

Users can allow third-party apps to access their financial data, including account balances, transactions, and other pertinent information, by using Plaid.

The user experience is improved and financial operations are streamlined because of this safe and uniform data exchange.

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Best Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid

The top cash advance applications are CashMaster, B9 Advance, Dailypay, Dave, Even, MoneyLion, and Cash App; none of these use Plaid. These loan apps are entirely online, quick, and don’t require a credit check. They are available 24/7.

1. B9 Advance

After your account is created, B9 Advance functions as a membership-based cash advance app that gives you immediate access to up to 100% of your income.

The cost of membership ranges from $9.99 to $19.99, depending on the membership tier you select. You can immediately withdraw up to $300 with the $9.99 basic account each pay cycle.

It is necessary to have a bank account set up for direct deposits from your job in order to use B9.

As per B9’s privacy policy, users who work for an employer that uses Argyle Systems (a substitute for Plaid) to manage employee data can link to the B9 cash advance app through this platform.

As an alternative, you can connect with Plaid and get your advance payment.

In addition, in order to be eligible for the service, one must have received a direct deposit of at least $300 within the previous two weeks before utilizing the app to obtain a cash advance.

2. CashMaster

CashMaster offers several alternatives, including title loans, auto loans, and $50–$500 cash advances, also known as payday loans.

You can also get a check advance in person at a CashMaster location in Tennessee or Alabama if you don’t want to utilize the app. On our list of the top 10 cash advance apps without Plaid, it comes in at number two.

You can also use the CashMaster app as an alternative. You will need to provide a current bank statement, proof of income, a photo ID, and verification of your social security number in order to accomplish this.

3. Linecash App

With the Linecash app, which can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices, users can access a variety of monies, ranging from $20 to $1,000, depending on the service package they have chosen.

Currently, access to up to $100 is unlocked for a mere $1.97 monthly subscription cost, which is sent straight into your account without incurring any further fees.

If you choose the $9.97 plan, you can potentially access up to $500 in money. If you make consistent, on-time payments, you can potentially gradually increase your access to $1,000.

4. DailyPay App

Many employers, including Kroger, McDonald’s, Lid, T-Mobile, Dollar Tree, and Six Flags, provide the cash advance app DailyPay.

After setting up your account, you will be able to see your profits in advance and receive them quickly to your bank account, debit card, or pre-paid card—either immediately for a small fee or the next day.

Additionally, you may refer friends and coworkers to DailyPay and receive an additional $5 when they sign up and use the app to access pay.

The program also has features like AutoSAVE, DirectSAVE, and RoundupSAVE, which help users manage their money more effectively and reduce their reliance on cash advances by allowing them to set up an emergency savings account.

With AutoSAVE, a set amount is automatically saved from each paycheck, while DirectSAVE allows you to specify the desired saving amount with every payment.

5. Dave App

You can withdraw up to $500 from your Dave ExtraCash account. If Dave is unable to ascertain when your next payday is, you will be required to refund the advance on the nearest Friday after it was made.

The money will be free of fees and available in one to three business days. On the other hand, if you would want a fast deposit into your Dave Spending account, you can choose to pay a fee that varies between 99 cents and $6.99.

You can move the money to a different bank account for a cost that varies from $2.99 to $11.99. On our list of the top 10 cash advance apps without Plaid, it comes up at number five.

According to Dave’s privacy statement, Galileo is used to send data between the site and your financial institution, distinguishing Dave as one of the cash advance apps that may not necessarily utilize Plaid.

6. Cash App

An embedded lending service called Cash App Borrow allows qualified users to borrow up to $200 each time. It is part of the Cash App platform.
It’s crucial to remember that this function is still in its experimental stage and could not be available to all users.

In contrast to cash advance apps that offer interest-free advances, Cash App Borrow is a lending tool that charges a five percent fee.

On our list of the top 10 cash advance applications without plaid, it comes up at number six. Your location and app usage habits determine your eligibility for Cash App Borrow.

A few users have mentioned that after uploading cash and completing transactions, they were able to access Borrow. This suggests that even in the event that you don’t get direct payments, you might still be able to utilize Borrow.

Additionally, linking Cash App to your bank account for fund uploads does not necessarily require the use of Plaid.

7. MoneyLion App

To help bridge the gap between pay periods, MoneyLion offers advances of up to $500 through its Instacash feature.

By taking part in MoneyLion’s credit-building program or setting up direct contributions to a RoarMoney bank account, this cap may be raised above $500.

It’s important to note that MoneyLion does not require the usage of Plaid; you are free to link your RoarMoney account to other apps if you so choose.

But be aware that MoneyLion charges instant transfer fees, which can add up quickly, particularly for users needing to send more than $100 each time.

As a result, people who can wait two to three days for a regular transfer or those want to make smaller quick transactions in order to reduce associated fees can use MoneyLion Instacash.

8. Even App

Even is an app for cash advances that recently released its Instapay feature, giving users free access to earned salaries ahead of time.

This useful function is a part of Even Plus, the premium service that costs $6 per month.

One distinctive feature of Even is that you can get these advances without using Plaid or connecting your bank account.

Differentiating itself from other cash advance apps, Even lets you access a healthy 50% of your earnings before payday.

Its assortment of budgeting and savings options also gives you the ability to efficiently handle your money.

It’s crucial to remember that using Even Instapay depends on your employer’s integration with the Even platform.

9. MoneyKey App

With a variable loan duration of 5 to 36 months, MoneyKey is a cash advance app that lets borrowers select a payback schedule that works for them.

It meets a range of financial demands with loan amounts ranging from $200 to $2600.

Its quick processing time—funds can be received as early as the following business day—is one of its standout features. On our list of the top 10 cash advance applications without plaid, it comes up at number nine.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that although MoneyKey offers easy access to money, the annual percentage rate (APR) might reach 566%.

In order to prevent incurring penalties, borrowers should carefully consider their ability to repay the loan within the allotted time frame.

MoneyKey’s approach to financial data linking is an intriguing feature. MoneyKey does not rely on Plaid to link to your bank account, in contrast to several other cash advance apps.

This unique feature can provide people who would rather not link their financial information to Plaid or other services with a sense of protection and privacy.

10. North Cash App

The cash advance app North Cash provides a practical answer for urgent financial requirements.

The loan offers flexibility in payments, with maturities ranging from three to eighteen months. You can borrow between $300 and $1500, depending on your particular needs.

It’s crucial to remember that North Cash has a higher APR, which can reach 795%, so thinking things through carefully before borrowing is advised.

One thing that makes North Cash unique from several other cash advance applications is that it doesn’t use Plaid in any of its operations.

North Cash employs a different strategy when handling transactions and bank account connections than many other apps, which rely on Plaid.

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In conclusion, we’ve looked at cash advance apps that work without Plaid that can get you money ahead of your next pay period.

We’ve examined several apps and the opinions Reddit users have expressed about them.

This information can help you choose the best app for you while protecting your financial information. It’s similar to locating the greatest financial management tool.

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