One of the most widely used rebate apps is called Ibotta. One of the greatest reward apps for getting an Ibotta Receipt Cheat on groceries and other necessities for the home is this one.

There are always ways to optimize your routine so you generate more money, though, just like with any side project or money-making tool. To help you get even more rewards, we’ve covered some of the top Ibotta tricks in this piece.

Ibotta Receipt Cheat

Overview of Ibotta Cheats & Hacks

Ibotta cheats refer to the use of in-app tools and methods to increase the amount of rewards you receive. I do not mean to use hacks to trick Ibotta into giving you more money or to manipulate the system in a way that goes against the terms of service.

The idea behind Shopkick and fetch rewards cheats is the same; it’s just a faster approach to getting rewards.

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Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s explore the top Ibotta tricks that you may employ to increase your earnings in free money.

1. Link Your Loyalty Cards

Adding several loyalty cards to your Ibotta account is one of the best ways to get freebies on Ibotta.

Many people are unaware that you can link your loyalty card to the Ibotta app, which enables you to automatically receive cash back when you complete offers.

Because it essentially allows you to earn passive revenue when you purchase at your favorite places where you have loyalty memberships, this is a major advance for Ibotta.

Several well-known Ibotta retailers that enable loyalty card linking are:

  • Food4Less
  • Food Lion
  • Hannaford
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Wegmans

Click the “Link Account” option located beneath the retailer’s page to link a loyalty card to your Ibotta account. You then input the details from your loyalty card.

Time is undoubtedly saved with this Ibotta hack and it helps you earn rewards faster, so it’s a must-use trick if you have one or more loyalty cards.

2. Shop Online With Ibotta

Making online purchases with Ibotta is yet another fantastic Ibotta trick.

It’s simple to assume that Ibotta is just helpful while food shopping in-store. However, the truth is that this software operates online and has partners in dozens of other categories outside of food.

In fact, if you shop on your PC, you may uncover over 500 special online offers and get paid to shop at hundreds of merchants using your smartphone.

Ibotta, which has over 2,000 online partners, is a useful tool for online shopping with cashback.

In terms of rewards, you should still compare Rakuten and Ibotta because the latter frequently offers a better cash-back percentage and a generous $30 sign-up bonus.

However, if you see an Ibotta deal online that you like, make sure to take advantage of it!

3. Get The Ibotta Extension

In relation to online shopping, using the Ibotta browser plugin is another helpful tip to ensure you never miss an online sale.

Yes, you can take advantage of 500+ special rebate offers for grocery delivery and pickup as well as cashback from hundreds of additional partners by installing the money-saving Ibotta browser extension.

Again, nothing very revolutionary here—this is comparable to shopping extensions like Capital One Shopping and Rakuten.

To receive cash back on your purchases, all you need to do is download the extension, keep it open, and shop. Ibotta will take care of the rest.

Therefore, if you shop online frequently, you should try this extension.

Having said that, Capital One Shopping is superior for using coupons automatically at the register. And, as said, Rakuten can pay more.

But if you’re an avid Ibotta fan, you should test out its extension to see how much you earn.

4. Use Other Apps Like Ibotta

It’s usually a good idea to try different reward apps so you can see which ones pay the most in your area and possibly stack prizes, even though this Ibotta cheat can seem unexpected.

The good news is that you may compare deals and possibly increase your earnings with a number of apps similar to Ibotta.

Among the greatest substitutes for Ibotta are:

  • Fetch Rewards: Get free gift cards with Fetch Rewards, a popular supermarket rewards program.
  • Pogo: A more recent cash-back program that gives you tiny PayPal cash payouts for each transaction.
  • Drop: My go-to app for online shopping for anything other than groceries.
  • NPCMobile: Upload your shopping receipts to receive gift vouchers and other prizes. Check out the iOS or Android app!
  • Receipt Hog: This well-known program scans receipts and offers free PayPal money and gift cards.
  • Checkout 51: A well-known rival to Ibotta that compensates you for purchasing gas and sponsored supermarket items.

Even if apps like Ibotta won’t suddenly turn you into a millionaire, the benefits can still mount up quite quickly if you handle the majority of your household’s purchasing.

I use multiple incentive programs, so I can earn some nice, quick cash with no work from a single shopping trip.

5. Use Ibotta Barcode Hacks

Using the barcode tool on Ibotta before checking out is a cunning way to make sure you’re purchasing the correct item.

Many consumers are unaware that you may use Ibotta to scan product barcodes to see if they qualify for a rebate.

Therefore, utilize Ibotta to scan the product barcode if you’re having trouble deciding the brand of laundry detergent or spaghetti sauce to buy.

Overall, it’s a good idea to become familiar with this feature and make the most of it as certain Ibotta offers also involve scanning barcodes in order to earn.

6. Refer Your Friends To Ibotta

Asking your friends to use the app is another simple way to get freebies on Ibotta.

Referral bonuses from Ibotta can range from $5 to $20 or more, so if your friends use your link to sign up and make qualified purchases, you will also receive payment!

You can locate your special referral code by tapping “Account” and then “Invite Friends.” You can then contact your friends with it or post it on social media.

All in all, this is a useful method for making quick cash, and you can also assist your friends in saving money!

7. Leverage The Welcome Bonuses

The fact that Ibotta offers up to $20 in sign-up bonuses for downloading the app is one of its strongest features. One of the greatest sign-up bonus applications available is this one, which is also a fantastic method to start earning money right away.

Although Ibotta constantly modifies its welcome bonus offer, you can typically receive extra money for:

  • Finishing off your initial purchase
  • Completing your initial online transaction via the app
  • Obtaining the Ibotta extension and finishing the transaction

The bottom line is that in order to maximize your profits, you should check out the sign-up bonuses on the Bonuses page and complete them!

8. Try Stacking Rewards

Stacking Ibotta points with specific other apps and services is another option.

You can get extra cashback, for instance, by using the Fluz and Slide app to make purchases that are eligible for an Ibotta refund.

Similar to this, you may use apps like Premise or Shopkick to get incentives simply by entering establishments and snapping pictures of their displays.

Lastly, you can occasionally stack points with Ibotta even when using a cash-back credit card.

If you want to earn even more, you might try using money-saving tips or other applications like Ibotta to see if you can double-dip on rewards.

9. Make A Shopping List

While developing a shopping plan before you go to the store is essential for maximizing your Ibotta earnings, it’s not a direct Ibotta trick.

This is due to the fact that locating Ibotta offers is similar to searching through coupon books and fliers for discounts.

Therefore, the more time you spend locating and recording profitable Ibotta offers, the better.

I suggest making it a habit to create a weekly shopping list on a designated day of the week. Have Ibotta open while you’re creating the list, and make a note of some of the deals you wish to purchase that week.

Just be careful that the items you’re purchasing are things you genuinely need and aren’t being purchased purely to use Ibotta to earn rebates.

10. Check Ibotta Right Before Shopping

Similar to the shopping list approach, checking the app right before buying is another simple way to get freebies on Ibotta.

Ibotta offers that are currently live on the app might occasionally be a goldmine. Make it a practice to briefly check the app before heading out shopping on the weekend!

11. Look For Ibotta Bonuses

Checking the “Bonuses” tab frequently and completing the offers there to earn even more is another helpful Ibotta trick.

An extra cash-back incentive that you receive from Ibotta when you fulfill certain incentives is called a bonus. With these perks, you essentially get the rebate amount plus additional cash back.

The Bonuses page has a list of bonuses; these deals are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to check them frequently.

Please be aware that there are two ways to redeem Ibotta bonuses:

  • Specific Redemption: To receive a bonus, you must fulfill a specific requirement. For example, purchasing two of a particular brand’s products will earn you a $3 bonus.
  • Non-Specific Redemption: Earns $2 for completing 10 offers in a week, for example, and requires completing a number of offers within a set period of time.

Once more, if fulfilling Ibotta bonuses requires you to purchase items you don’t genuinely care for, don’t go out of your way to do so.

However, one of your finest options if you want to use Ibotta to earn extra money is the bonus tab.

12. Look For Deals On Essentials

One last Ibotta trick is more of a general money-saving advice, but it’s still worth it.

The plan is to dedicate the majority of your time to searching for non-perishable and essential Ibotta rebates.

Take advantage of Ibotta bargains, for instance, if you can locate them on fundamental food ingredients you use frequently, canned food, toilet paper, or bathroom supplies.

Ibotta is a helpful tool for increasing your savings, but it works best for random purchases you make occasionally rather than for products you use and buy frequently.

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You can now make the most of your PayPal money and gift card rewards from this top rebate program by using this list of Ibotta cheats and hacks.

Remember that there are other apps available to you to earn rewards for the things you currently do; Ibotta is only one of them.

For instance, there are applications that compensate you for shopping, playing games, and even working out.

There are a ton of easy ways to get additional money, such as using applications for passive income where you can get paid for sharing your information!

Please let us know in the comments if you know of any Ibotta cheats that I overlooked!

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