Target Gift Card Exchange: Do you have a target gift card and don’t want it to go to waste? Have you got a target gift card, but you don’t feel like using it? Do you want to exchange your target gift card for money? If any of these is the case you find yourself, keep reading this article. 

Target Gift Card Exchange

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Target gift card exchange and show you tips and tricks on how to turn your remaining card balance into cash.

Target gift cards are gotten from Target, one of the biggest grocery store chains in the United States. Target presents gift cards with extraordinary denominations ranging from $5 – $500 and is used to pay for gadgets on Target’s internet site or in-store.

Looking for a place to exchange your Target gift card is an exquisite idea. Target presents gift cards that can be exchanged online or in-store.

So in this article, you will locate a number of methods and tips you can exchange your Target card for something you opt for — cash or any other retailer’s gift card.

Target Gift Card Exchange

If you’re shopping with a Target gift card, you can use up to ten cards per order as payment. The playing cards don’t have an expiration date and don’t lose price over time, so you can wait for a sweet deal to use them 

Let’s me show you the tips you follow to exchange your target gift cards

1. Go to Target Stores

The very first location to go to when wondering about changing your Target gift card would be Target itself. Target has a trade-in application that lets you exchange unwanted goods for a reward

Unfortunately, Target does not reward with cash, but with a gift card. This program allows you to exchange your unwanted gift card with a balance on it for another gift card. 

If you are going to exchange your Target gift card, you have to, first of all, find the closest Target store near you. You can do that by means of using the save locator search engine on their website. Visit the store, ask for store personnel and let them scan your gift card. 

Target normally doesn’t offer 100 percent of a gift card cost or any unwanted item in the trade-in program, Instead, they offer to buy undesirable objects for 70 – ninety-five percent of their value. 

Your Target gift card can only be exchanged for any other gift card, whether it is Target’s or not, but cannot be exchanged for cash.

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2. Use Walmart

Walmart operates like a target. Walmart also has a trade-in software where you can trade in your undesirable items and get gift playing cards as rewards.

Walmart will not exchange your Target gift card for cash, instead, it will only be exchanged for another gift card however with about a 10 – 20 percent discount in value. That’s the major difference between Walmart and Target. 

3. Exchange on eMarketplace

Another tip you need to use to exchange your gift card is the emarketplace. There are so many online marketplaces to list and trade your Target gift cards for money or something else that you want.

Some of the most famous marketplaces for listing your Target gift card are Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and so forth. 

These platforms allow you to list your gift cards like you would list any other products for sale with no restrictions.

Some of these platforms give you the freedom to input personal details like your phone number and allow visitors to send messages directly to your inbox to encourage faster communication. 

So if you are not on any of these platforms hurry now, because this is actually the best place you can exchange your Target gift card for cash. 

4. Find an Exchange Kiosk Near You

A gift card exchange kiosk is just like an automated teller machine that lets you exchange your gift cards for cash. So you can use it to exchange your cards for cash. 

To exchange your Target gift card, the usage of the gift card exchange kiosk, you have to enter your gift card salient details into the system, receive what it affords you for your gift card if it is okay through you, print the voucher, and take it to a cashier in the keep to change it for cash.

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5. Resell 

Here is a trick for you. If you buy items at Target using your gift card, you can resell them and get cash back for them instead.

Another trick– ask a friend. Check with a friend or a family member if they need a Target gift card or if they know someone who does. They can give you cash or any valuable item according to your gift card. 

Yet another trick is to sell it on a reseller website. There are tons of reseller websites out there, but they will not pay you the total value of your card. Before selling your gift card this way, do proper research so that you get the best deal

Also, Purchase items from Target and resell them online. You can get a product from Target with your card and then sell it on one of the marketplaces listed above. 

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