December 8, 2023

Bayes Business School International Scholarship is for students whose final results meet or exceed the advertised academic entry requirements for the course and their offer requirements, as well as for students who achieve high marks in the international credentials recognized by Bayes Management School.

Bayes Business School International Scholarship

Foreign students entering a Business School undergraduate study in Year 1 in September 2024 who are paying overseas fees are eligible for a scholarship from Bayes Business School (previously Cass) worth 25% of the first-year tuition expenses.

The scholarship will only be given as a reduction in the first year’s worth of tuition.

Students who surpass the conditions of their offer and get exceptional grades in the international qualifications recognized by the Business School are eligible for this prize.

Those applying to Bayes Business School with either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma qualification are not eligible for this scholarship, but they can apply for our other listed scholarships.

Value of the scholarship

The value of the Scholarship in 2024 will be £5,500 for each student who is awarded this scholarship for Year 1 only.

Eligibility Criteria

There are 20 of these scholarships available and to qualify for the Bayes Business School International Scholarship in 2023/24, you must meet the following conditions in full:

1. Be a student expecting to pay Overseas fees; and

2. Be in your first year of undergraduate study in 2024; and

3. Starting in year 1 of your degree at Bayes Business School of City, University of London, from September 2024; and

4. Be expected to achieve academic grades that exceed the conditions of your offer and the advertised academic criteria; and

5. Make the City your Firm choice, either as a Conditional Firm (CF) or Unconditional Firm (UF).

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Scholarship Registration and Deadline

The process for applying for the Bayes Business School International Scholarship is as follows:

Stage One

All International applicants who submitted an application by 25th January 2024 (and have not been unsuccessful) will be contacted with details of how to apply for the scholarship.

Applicants who applied after the UCAS deadline of 25th January 2024 must contact our Admissions team at [email protected] if they are interested in applying for the scholarship, and will be sent a scholarship application via email.

Applications for the scholarship must be submitted by Thursday, August 31, 2024. After this deadline, applications won’t be taken into consideration.

Only applicants who have made City their “firm” choice and who are expected to enroll with us in September 2024 will have their applications considered.

Stage Two

After the scholarship application deadline of August 31, 2024, the panel will review each application based on final academic results, choosing candidates who have shown the best performance and who have declared City as their “firm” preference university.

Although those chosen must have gone above and above the announced entry requirements, the selection process is competitive; therefore meeting those standards does not guarantee an award.

Stage Three

At this level of the scholarship application process, only candidates who have successfully completed the first two phases will be assessed.

Candidates must have completed the full registration process. 21 days following the start of the semester in 2024 will be the registration cutoff date (Welcome Week). This is expected to occur on October 16, 2024.

By Thursday, November 30, 2024, students who have fulfilled the above requirements will receive written confirmation of whether they have been awarded the scholarship.

The amount of £5,500 (25% of the tuition fee of £22,000 for first-year students commencing their studies in 2023) will be withdrawn from the successful applicants’ January 2024 tuition fee payment as a discount to their year 1 tuition fee.

Application Deadlines

Submission deadline: Thursday 31st August 2024

Notification of scholarship results: Thursday 30th November 2024

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