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WAEC Literature in English Questions and Answers

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb admission examinations in West African nations, is conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). More than three million applicants applied for the WAEC-organized tests in a single year.

WAEC Literature in English Questions and Answers

WAEC GCE Literature Answers 2022 for Prose and Objectives.

PAPER 1 (Objective) Answer ALL questions in this section.

1. ________ in my rate” means

A. I’m  very certain

B. so far as I can see

C. there’s no doubt

D. as it appears.

2. A poem that describes the simple life of rural people is called _____ A. eulogy B. ode C. lyrics D. pastoral.

3. Choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined Vice A. cat B. dress C. show D. chalk.

4. In literature, repetition is used essentially for A. rhyme B. suspense C. allusion D. emphasis.

This question is based on Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days.

5. The cap-picking ceremony is to A. break the strong will of Yaremi B. make Yaremi remarry C. establish that she is wicked D. prove that Ajumobi is not the best.

6. A Poem that celebrates an object, person, or event is A. a sonnet B. a dirge C. an ode D. a balled.

7. _______ In literature is the sequential arrangement of events in creative work. A. Cast B. Summary C. Flaw D. Plot.

This question is based on Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s Harvest of Corruption.

8. Who impregnated Aloho? A. The Commissioner B. Chief Haladu C. Justice Odili D. Inspector Inaku.

This question is based on Faceless by Amma Darko

9. What is the reason that caused Odarley’s mother to send him away from home?

A. she chose to go to the street

B. her mother remarried

C. she steals her mother’s things

D. she wants to poison her boyfriend.

Read the extract and answer question X: We two, my lord. Will guard your person while you take your rest, And watch your safety. Y: Thank you – Wondrous heavy. (Act II, Scene One, lines 184 – 187)

24. The ”two” later plot to…

A. kill all the other characters

B. escape from the island

C. kill Prospero and Miranda

D. kill Alonso and Gonzalo.


25. Carrying a heavy bundle of tightly wrapped bits and pieces of junk drooping over his face”.

The excerpt above exemplifies _______?

A. Irony B. synecdoche C. symbolism D. euphemism.

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PAPER 2 (Prose)

Answer ONE question only from each section. Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.

SECTION A (African Prose)

  • Amma Darko – Faceless;

1. Examine the role and significance of Slyv Po in the novel.

2. Show how women are discriminated against in the novel.

  • Bayo Adebowale – Lonely Days

3. What impression do you form of Yaremi in the novel?

4. Examine the attitude of the Kufi people towards death in the novel.

SECTION B (Non-African Prose)

  • Richard Wright – Native Son;

5. What are Bigger’s reasons for his bitterness against the white man in the novel?

6. How does the media respond to the disappearance of Mary Dalton in the novel?

  • Horace Walpole – The Castle of Otranto;

7. Comment on the issue of male dominance in the novel.

8. What does Theodore’s encounter with Isabella in the cavern in the forest reveal about his character?

PAPER 3 (Drama and Poetry)

Answer ONE question only from each section. Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.

SECTION A (African Drama)

  • Dele Charley – The Blood of a Stranger.

1. How does love for wealth and power influence the actions of the characters in the play?

2. Examine Wara’s role in the development of the plot. Frank Ogodo Ogbeche – Harvest of Corruption.

3. Consider Aloho as a foil to Ogeyi 4. How does Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka manipulate justice to his own advantage?

SECTION B (Non-African Drama)

  • Lorraine Hansberry – A Raisin in the Sun.

4. To what extent are the dreams of the Younger family fulfilled in the play?

5. Discuss the living conditions of the Younger family. Goldsmith – She Stoops to Conquer. 7. Compare the relationship between Tony and Constance with that between young Marlow and Kate

6. What makes Mr. Hardcastle a humorous character?

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SECTION C (African Poetry)

7. Relate the title of the poem Ambush to the theme of frustrated dreams. 10. Comment on the poets’ use of imagery in The Dining Table.

SECTION D (Non-African Poetry)

8. Comment on Birches as a descriptive poem.

9. Examine the relationship between God and man in The Pulley.

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