February 25, 2024

USU Scholarships: Thousands of scholarships are available to admitted incoming students and enrolled students at Utah State University. Applications for USU General Scholarships are encouraged by students. In order to match students with institutional and private scholarship opportunities, this application uses student information.

USU Scholarships

USU Scholarships

The following set of students are eligible for scholarships:

Incoming Students

If an incoming first-year student is unable to take the ACT or SAT or opts not to, they may seek a personal comprehensive scholarship assessment before receiving an academic scholarship.

Benchmarks such as grade point average (GPA), the difficulty of the high school courses, and other factors will be taken into account.

Students must apply for admission by December 1 and must already be enrolled at USU. The CSR application deadline with extended priority is December 15, 2023.

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2. International Students

Access all scholarships designed especially for USU students from abroad. The USU Office of Global Engagement can also be contacted.

The Afton B. Tew International Student Scholarship is automatically awarded to new freshman and transfer students with a minimum GPA of 3.90.

The non-resident international tuition provided by this scholarship will be $1,000 each year. USU must receive all admission application documents by the specified semester date.

Prior to acceptance, all international applicants must prove their English language skills.

All qualified international undergraduate applicants who have been admitted, are physically present, and are enrolled at USU are eligible for this award.

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3. Undocumented Students

Access financial resources specific to undocumented USU students. You can also contact Paulina Rivera-Soto in the USU Admissions Office at [email protected].

The Utah State University Scholarship Office is dedicated to assisting students throughout their college careers by identifying resources to assist with educational expenses, coordinating of funding from various resources, and providing the highest quality of service.

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4. State of Utah Programs

The State of Utah provides scholarships to students attending a university within the state.

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Scholarship Application Details

Current and admitted USU Students (incoming, certificate-seeking, undergraduate and graduate students) attending any USU location will find:

  • Institutional (USU) scholarships
  • Private, Community, and Corporate scholarships
  • College, Department, Major, and Campus specific scholarships

As an Aggie, your profile has already been created. You will be asked to answer additional questions about your experience, employment, and involvement.

The more questions answered, the increased likelihood of being matched to scholarships. All students eligible to submit a FAFSA are encouraged to do so as it may increase the number of scholarships they are matched to.

Applications for USU scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic years are now open.

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