SDSU Scholarships: San Diego State offers more than 700 scholarship programs to help students achieve their academic goals. Generous donors to SDSU who believe in higher education and your capacity for academic success have contributed funding for the scholarships.

SDSU Scholarships

Students can submit one application through the “Aztec Scholarships” application platform to be considered for multiple university scholarships.

About  the SDSU Scholarships

The application and awarding procedures for SDSU scholarships are coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships in collaboration with core committees from the different colleges, departments, and organizations that choose beneficiaries.

Student applications are processed quickly and simply. Aztec Scholarships automatically selects eligible applications and forwards them to the SDSU scholarship committees for award consideration based on university and applicant data.

University faculty and/or personnel from the academic program or campus group most directly associated with the scholarship make up the majority of scholarship committees.

Staff personnel from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships are not included on any scholarship committees.

In the management and awarding of scholarships, SDSU upholds a strict policy of non-discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender identification, gender expression, marital status, disability, medical condition, genetic information, age, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic.

Scholarship Application Submission Period

The general application for Aztec Scholarships will be open from April 18, 2024, through August 5, 2024, for awards in the 2024-25 academic year.

They offer a priority deadline of May 13, 2024, for current students and incoming students who have submitted their intent to enroll.

Current Students

To be considered for the highest number of scholarships possible, current SDSU students should submit their general application by the priority deadline.

Newly Admitted Students

Once students are admitted, and complete their Intent to Enroll, they may log in to Aztec Scholarships during the application period.

Important: incoming students MUST submit their Intent to Enroll to be matched to and awarded any scholarships through Aztec Scholarships.

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How to Apply

Graduate students, nonresidents, international students with an F-1 Visa (Academic Student), and students who attend SDSU Global Campus and SDSU Imperial Valley are all encouraged to apply, regardless of their field of study.

Students without documentation who have AB540 status are also qualified.

To be eligible for Aztec Scholarships, students must sign up for a degree, credential, or qualified certificate program for the next academic year.

Apply Here

What Students Can Expect after Submitting a General Application

1. An email confirming receipt of the application.

2. If selected for an award, a notification email directing them to accept the scholarship offer and complete a thank you note in Aztec Scholarships.

3. Once the thank you note is completed and approved, the scholarship will be posted in your my.SDSU account.

4. Scholarship notifications will generally occur between May through October. Refer to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information on disbursement.

Thank you Note: San Diego State University requires each scholarship recipient to send a thank-you note. The thank you letter must be delivered within 14 days of receiving the official award notification. The letter is electronically submitted to Aztec Scholarships.

  • Due to the tight enforcement of deadlines, late applications will not be allowed. The scholarship will be given to a substitute if the thank you note is not submitted by the deadline.

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