March 4, 2024

UNT Scholarships: To assist you in paying for your education, the University of North Texas provides a number of scholarship possibilities. A scholarship is a monetary grant provided to a student based on their academic performance and potential. On the basis of merit, many scholarships are given out. Some, however, also consider financial needs.

UNT Scholarships

One type of aid that assists students in paying for college is scholarships. Scholarships can be coupled with other forms of financial aid to pay the whole cost of attendance, unlike student loans which must be repaid.

About the UNT Scholarships

Each year, UNT offers hundreds of scholarships to students of all academic backgrounds and test scores.

Scholarships are given to students based on a variety of criteria, such as athletic prowess or artistic flair, in addition to academic performance.

Additionally, there are scholarships available for students with a particular academic interest, extracurricular accomplishments, membership in particular organizations, or financial need.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Maintain continuous enrollment and take the minimum required UNT Hours each fall/spring. Most scholarships require at least full-time UNT enrollment and completion of at least 24 UNT Hours annually if you have a renewable scholarship, depending on the first term of your award (fall/spring or spring/fall).

2. Maintain the minimum UNT GPA and plan and use UNT Learning Center resources to help with all your academic needs.

3. Scholarship recipients not meeting renewal requirements will receive appeal guidance via EagleConnect.

4. Keep a copy of your Scholarship Award Agreement with your other important documents so you can access and reference it easily.

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Application Instructions

Prepare essays, email addresses of people who can provide letters of recommendation, and any other documentation that may be necessary. These materials must be uploaded to your online application prior to the scholarship opportunity deadline.

  • If letters of recommendation, essays, etc., are necessary for a scholarship, it will be stated on the application. All file attachments pass into the ownership of UNT and are not refundable.

Please read the Application Help and Frequently Asked Questions if you need assistance or have questions regarding the Eagle Scholarship Portal. As the deadline draws near, some users could notice that the website is performing slowly.

If selected for a scholarship award, an award notification will be sent to your EagleConnect account, UNT’s official email service. Students are encouraged to monitor EagleConnect and MyUNT for award information. Most awards are announced by late June.

How to Start your Application

1. Apply and be admitted to a UNT program.

2. Activate your MyUNT account.

3. Create an account in the Eagle Scholarship Portal.

4. Monitor your EagleConnect email account.

Scholarship Portal

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