University of Ottawa Scholarships is one of the most substantial scholarship programs in the nation. It honors your academic success not only in high school but also in each term of full-time university studies.

University of Ottawa Scholarships

A bursary is given based on financial need, whereas a scholarship is given based on academic accomplishment.

The University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship automatically awards between $1,000 and $3,000 to all qualified full-time students enrolled in a direct-entry faculty or the Civil Law Section of the Faculty of Law who have an average GPA of 85% or higher.

About the University of Ottawa

The best undergraduate and graduate education is available at Ottawa, which is situated right in the center of Canada’s capital. Among the top 150 universities in the world is the University of Ottawa.

One of the best cities for quality of life in Canada and one of the top 20 cities in the world to live in is Ottawa.

More than 46,800 intelligent and motivated people, including more than 9,300 students from 145 different countries, consider the University of Ottawa a home.

Scholarship General Eligibility Criteria

Meet the admission requirements of the program in question;

1. Be enrolled full-time for the first time in a university undergraduate program;

2. Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or have protected person or refugee status (unless otherwise indicated)

3. Required averages to keep or renew a scholarship are rounded to two decimal places. For example, a student with an average of 8.49 would not be eligible for a scholarship that requires an 8.50 average. See Academic Regulation 10.2 for more information on calculating averages.

Note: Certain admissions scholarships are not available to mature students or university transfers. Please carefully read the eligibility requirements.

Scholarship, bursary, and financial aid standards and specifics may change at any time, without prior warning, according to the Financial Aid and Awards Department.

International English Scholarship

Excellence and entrance scholarships: Average-based, revolving awards for African students majoring in English.

If English-speaking international students from Africa opt to enroll in one of the approved undergraduate English-language programs, they will enjoy significant tuition fee savings.

 Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for these scholarships, international students must meet these conditions:

1. Be a citizen of a country in Africa

2. Be newly admitted (Fall term) or later in one of the eligible undergraduate programs offered in English in one of the eligible faculties

3. Not enrolling in the French immersion stream

4. Have a valid study permit when starting your studies at uOttawa

5. Be enrolled full time

Note: Canadian citizens with dual citizenship are not eligible since they already qualify for Canadian tuition rates.

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Eligible Undergraduate Programs

African students who enroll in one of the qualified English-language undergraduate programs will automatically receive an Entrance or Excellent average-based renewable scholarship:

FacultyEligible ProgramsNon-eligible Programs
EngineeringCivil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Other programs
ScienceAll programs except non-eligible programsHonours BSc in Biochemistry / BASc in Chemical Engineering

Honours BSc in Physics / BASc in Electrical Engineering

Honours BSc in Ophthalmic Medical Technology


Social SciencesAnthropology

Conflict Studies

International Development and Globalization

Public Administration



All other programs are not listed or not combined with the eligible disciplines.

International English Scholarship Value

Depending on your admission average and the faculty delivering the program, the scholarship amounts will change.

The average determined at the time of admission, which could be converted to a percentage on the University of Ottawa grading scale, is the basis for Entrance and Excellence scholarships.

All figures are in Canadian dollars:

FacultyExcellence Scholarship

(admission average of 90% or higher)

Entrance Scholarship

(admission average of 89.9% or lower)



$100,000 over 4 years ($25,000 a year)$80,000 over 4 years ($20,000 a year)
Science70,000 over 4 years ($17,500 a year)$50,000 over 4 years ($12,500 a year)
Social Sciences$70,000 over 4 years ($17,500 a year)$50,000 over 4 years ($12,500 a year)

How to Apply

As soon as you’ve submitted your application to the University of Ottawa and have been given your uoAccess ID and password, you may start applying for scholarships and bursaries.

Find out what options you have:

As soon as you’ve submitted your application to the University of Ottawa and have been given your uoAccess ID and password, you may start applying for scholarships and bursaries.

The Online Scholarships and Bursaries search engine are also accessible in uoZone under the Applications menu. Explore all of your options there.


Application materials for all scholarships and bursaries must be submitted online through Online Scholarships and Bursaries. Two months prior to the application deadline, application forms are typically accessible.

Before applying, carefully read the requirements.

Apply online for scholarships and bursaries by uploading the relevant documentation.

Track your Application

Track all of your scholarship and bursary applications directly from the Online Scholarships and Bursaries tool home page.

Receive your Funds

Your student account will be credited with the amount of your scholarship or bursary.

Once you’re registered for a study term, you’ll get your money if you’re a CO-OP student.

Scholarships for admission and renewals are typically credited to your student account around the middle of July. Two equal payments, one in September and one in January will be made to you in order to pay for your tuition.

After winning a scholarship or bursary, you can have a credit balance in your student account if you’ve previously paid your tuition. To release this money, submit a request for reimbursement in uoZone’s Finances and Jobs section.

Bursaries and scholarships are taxable income. If you win prizes, scholarships, or bursaries from the University of Ottawa during the fiscal year, you will receive a T4A slip.

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