February 24, 2024

Going Merry Scholarships is for students who want it to be simpler to apply for scholarships because they are aware of how difficult it may be. By registering with Going Merry and submitting an application for this scholarship, you are sure to have your name automatically applied to other No Essay scholarships that Going Merry sponsors every one to three months!

Going Merry Scholarship

What is Going Merry?

Going Merry serves as a free scholarship application and search engine. Individualized matching thousands of awards and scholarships. One simple program that keeps on giving is this one.

Students who submit their applications earlier in the application cycle will have a better chance of winning the prize.

Monthly application deadlines for this scholarship are rolling. Students who submit their applications earlier will have more success.

How Going Merry Works

1. Create a profile: You’ll need to provide some information after joining to complete your basic profile.

2. Get matched to eligible Scholarships: They’ll match you with a list of scholarships based on your responses. Next, you can favorite, ignore, or apply more filtering.

3. Apply for a scholarship: Directly from our platform, submit a scholarship application. Upload writings and documents for application reuse. They’ll even automatically fill in your personal information on each application.

List of Featured Going Merry Scholarships

1. $2,000 Scholarship Program for High School Seniors (No GPA requirement!)

Look no further if you’re looking for the greatest college scholarships to support your studies, whether you plan to attend classes full- or part-time.

All senior high school students in the United States who intend to pursue an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in college the following year are eligible to enter this competition.

There are no particular requirements for financial need or merit (GPA or College Board test score). Instead, because this is an essay prize, the money will be given out depending on the responses of the applicants.

Your goals for the future should be the main subject of this scholarship essay. Dream big and give your response with all of your emotions!

The essay prompt asks: “What are my academic and career goals, and how would this scholarship help me reach them?” We want to hear about your passions and dreams – and we want to help you achieve them!

2. $1,000 “Unmet Financial Need” Scholarship for College Students

The financial help you receive after filing your FAFSA® isn’t always enough. We’ve developed a new award exclusively for kids with unmet financial needs because of this.

The $1000 scholarship rewards may be applied to any authorized four-year undergraduate college, community college, trade school, or graduate student program in the United States. Even as a transfer scholarship, you can use it!

There are NO extra eligibility requirements since we want to make sure that the majority of pupils are qualified (no specific field of study, full-time enrollment, ethnicity, community service, or GPA requirement).

You can truly be any kind of student, studying anything, as long as you demonstrate that you need extra financial assistance, beyond what your school’s financial aid office could offer you.

3. $1,000 Outstanding Scholars Program

Making friends in new cities, passing tests, and finishing lengthy applications are all difficult aspects of college preparation.

Going Merry seeks to reduce some of the stress and provide qualifying students with the tools they need to attend college without having to stress out as much about the cost.

To help two students pay for their college tuition and reduce their future federal student loan repayment responsibilities, we are granting them merit-based scholarships.

The best candidates for this scholarship program are students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who demonstrate financial need.

In an essay, applicants will discuss their objectives and how earning a degree will advance those objectives.

Our selection committee wants to hear about the educational programs that excite you, the types of classes you’d like to take as a college freshman, and where you hope they’ll take you in the future.

We’ll reward your enthusiasm and drive, so be sure to let us know how excited you are to take the next step in your academic career.

To find other scholarship information, like how to apply for other awards like this, sign up for Going Merry.

4. $1,000 Community Service Scholarship

Do you adore collaborating with nonprofits? Do you envision a better future for your neighborhood? If so, this special scholarship offered by Going Merry might be ideal for you.

The only condition for candidates to be eligible for the award is that they must be upcoming college freshmen or high school seniors who love to volunteer.

Students must submit an essay as part of their application outlining their commitment to their community, how they have given back, and most importantly, how they want to continue giving back in the future.

One graduating high school senior or college student will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to further their studies as part of our effort to recognize and reward your dedication to improving the environment around you.

The application process is easy (just one essay!), and the award is blind to financial need as well as GPA.

(Note that, unfortunately, like all the awards in the Going Merry scholarship database, this scholarship is NOT open to international students outside of the United States. You must be a U.S. resident to apply.)

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5. $1,000 (Magically Duplicating) No-Essay Scholarship Application

While preparing for your exciting new experience as a college or graduate student, the scholarship search and application procedure might be a time-consuming Bachelor’s degree.

We designed our “Magically Duplicating Scholarship” to address this issue. You can apply for a $1,000 scholarship through this program, and you can also opt to have your application be “auto-applied” to any additional No Essay scholarships that we (or other reputable scholarship providers) offer throughout the academic year.

You only need to submit one application. Then have big dreams, work hard in school, and ask us for financial aid.

This award is available to anybody who intends to pursue higher education, including first-generation college students, graduate students, part-time students, and full-time students.

So no need to stress about missing application deadlines for those easy, free scholarships! You focus on your academic endeavors, while we handle your applications for you.

5. $500 Innovation Scholarship

The majority of college applications and scholarship competitions include a long list of difficult and time-consuming requirements as if the effort it takes to find scholarships wasn’t enough.

The Innovation Scholarship offered by Going Merry is unique.

They encourage students to design a program that showcases their uniqueness. This is your chance to express your creativity through SoundCloud tracks and TikTok videos.

Show off your talent in the arts, sports, and volunteer work, and explain why you value higher education to us. This should be a simple and enjoyable scholarship.

There is no set procedure to follow to be eligible for this free college scholarship. Have fun with it because we’ll provide $500 to the top two applications from kids.

Current students of all levels are welcome to apply, including high school students, current college students (pursuing a bachelor’s or associate’s degree), transfer students, and even students in graduate school.

The only requirement for this education scholarship is that students must be in good academic standing.

6. $500 Merit Scholarship Award for Academic Achievement

Two eligible full-time students who demonstrate both academic excellence and leadership in extracurricular activities will receive $500 each from this merit-based scholarship fund.

Instead of width, They seek passion and depth: How far have you gotten in your particular field of interest or expertise?

Have you ever held an internship or fellowship in the field you want to work in? Have you ever occupied positions of leadership in your school clubs?

In a brief essay, highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and background.

We will also require your GPA, transcript, and 1-2 letters of recommendation as part of the application process. Students from all socioeconomic levels are encouraged to apply because there is no requirement for the financial need for this scholarship.

To find scholarship deadlines, FAQs, and other scholarship resources, sign up for Going Merry. New scholarships are added regularly, and scholarship matches happen as soon as you complete your profile.

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