December 8, 2023

United Nations Graduate Study Program offers financial assistance to students in order to help them pay for higher education. These subsidies give students access to education that they might not otherwise have.

United Nations Graduate Study Program

For many students, study programs are more than just financial aid. They award deserving students the means to pay for higher education as a reward.

About the United Nations

UN Geneva brings together people, organizations, and states in the historic setting of the Palais des Nations to ensure a brighter future for all.

Geneva is the ideal location for effective international collaboration because it is a diplomatic center with almost universal state representation.

The Palais des Nations hosted almost 8,000 meetings last year, all of which in some way affected people’s lives all across the world.

They actively work to advance disarmament, implement the Sustainable Development Goals, protect and promote human rights, encourage gender equality, eradicate poverty, and offer quick, efficient humanitarian relief in times of crisis because they are committed to maintaining international peace and security.

UN Geneva works diligently to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030 through collaborations between governments, civil society, research, academia, and other international players.

UN Geneva safeguards and preserves the institutional memory and cultural history of the United Nations by fostering respect for one another, cultural exchange, and conversation.

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United Nations Graduate Study Program

With 61 years under its belt, the Graduate Study Programme (GSP) at UN Geneva is the organization’s longest-running educational initiative.

The GSP has gathered and taught thousands of young people from more than 100 nations across all continents over the past six decades.

Participants in this two-week summer seminar will have the chance to learn more about the UN and “International Geneva” through lectures, field trips, research, and in-person interactions with Geneva-based organizations.

61st Graduate Study Programme

The 61st Graduate Study Programme’s application period is now closed.

No more applications will be considered. In early April, all applicants will be notified of the results.

From Monday, July 3 through Friday, July 14, 2024, the 61st Graduate Study Program will be conducted at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

It will include visits to institutions, lectures by officials from the UN, NGOs, and other international organizations, as well as group project work.

The 61st Graduate Study Program will have the following theme:

“All Rights for All People”: Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75”

A summary of some of the big concerns addressed by “International Geneva,” such as sustainable development, humanitarian action, disarmament, peace and security, trade, climate change, health, gender equality, education, refugees and migrants, will be given during the first week of the program.

As part of a year-long project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the focus will shift to human rights in the second week. Accesses a new window (UDHR).

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