Fellowships are part of a nonprofit organization system designed to provide assistance and advantages to individuals, and one such fellowship program is the Prime Minister Research Fellowship. In the following text, we will outline the purpose and application process of this initiative.

Prime Minister Research Fellowship

Prime Minister Research Fellowship

The Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research is a prestigious initiative introduced by the Science and Engineering Research Board, a Department of Science & Technology division under the Government of India.

This program seeks to foster collaboration between universities and industry, aligning research endeavors with the needs of the industrial sector.

The program invites full-time Ph.D. scholars to engage in research within specific “focus areas” identified by industries and aligned with national priorities.

Annually, there are 100 fellowships available for researchers interested in pursuing their Ph.D. studies at established technology and research institutions in India.

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) administers this program on behalf of SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board).


Duration: 4 Years

Research Areas

1. Science

2. Technology

3. Agriculture

4. Medicine

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Hold Indian citizenship.

2. Enroll as full-time Ph.D. students at academic or research institutions offering Ph.D. degrees.

3. Submit their applications within 14 months from the date of Ph.D. admission or registration, whichever comes first.

4. Have successfully completed all necessary academic qualifications in the past.

5. Secure an industry partner willing to sponsor 50% of the fellowship amount, which is Rs. 4 lakhs per annum.

Application Procedure

Only online applications submitted through the program’s website will be considered. Do not send hard copies of the application or supporting documents.

Candidates can apply for SERB’s Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme year-round via the website www.serbficci-iirrada.in.

Required Documents

1. Recent Passport Size Photograph

2. Ph.D. Enrollment & Registration Certificate

3. 10th, 12th, Graduation & Post-Graduation Certificates

4. Scans of Other Degree/Diploma Certificates (if applicable)

5. Profile of the host institute

6. Bio-data of Ph.D. Supervisor, not exceeding 3 pages

7. Profile of Partner Company with Logo

8. Bio-data of Industry Mentor, not exceeding 3 pages

9. Undertaking from the Research Supervisor and Head of the Organization of the Institute/University

10. Undertaking from the Industry Partner in the Research Project

11. Letter from the Industry Partner (on the company’s letterhead) regarding the research problem and any future implementation plans.


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