February 24, 2024

Job Interview Business Professional Attire: When preparing for a job interview, wearing the right outfit can help you feel comfortable and confident. While a hiring manager may interview you based on your credentials and the information in your application documents, dressing appropriately can also help you make a strong first impression. Keep reading!

Job Interview Business Professional AttireUnderstanding how to dress can help you show your professionalism and preparedness.

In this article, we describe how to dress for a job interview, explore how to match your outfit to your prospective work environment and provide examples of what not to wear.


How to Dress for a Job Interview

The right interview outfit can help you feel confident and professional. Here are some specific tips on how to dress for your next job interview:

  • Researching the Company’s Dress Code:

When you’re preparing for your interview, consider researching the company’s dress code to learn more about their expectations.

Even if their dress code is casual, it may benefit you to look more professional than the employer requires than showing up underdressed.

  • Choose Clothing that Matches the Climate and Season

To ensure you’re comfortable during your interview, try to choose clothes that align with the climate and season. For example, you may not want to wear sandals if it’s snowing outside or wear a wool coat in the summer heat.

  • Check for Pet Hair or Any Noticeable Defects:

Another way to ensure you look professional for your interview is to check your clothing for any pet hair, holes or stains.

You may not want to wear clothing items with these details since it can prevent the interviewer from focusing on your professionalism and credentials.

  • Ensure Clothing is Pressed and Wrinkle-Free:

Regardless of what you decide to wear to your interview, it’s a good idea to press, steam or iron your clothes before meeting with a prospective employer.

This can help you show that you took time to prepare for the interview and care about your appearance in the workplace.

  • Lay Out or Hang Up Your Outfit to Save Time:

The night before your interview, consider laying out or hanging up the outfit you plan to wear.

This can help you save time and allow you to review all the clothing items together to make sure they match and suit the role for which you’re applying.

  • Be Yourself:

You can use an interview as an opportunity to display your personality and show a hiring manager more about yourself than what’s listed on your application documents.

For example, if you like bold colors, then you may choose to wear a bright-colored top with neutral pants.

3 Best Job Interview Business Professional Attire

Because you’ve already researched the company, you should have a sense of the workplace and what level of formality is appropriate.

Look at photos on their social media sites to get a sense of what people wear at the office. When you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to wear something clean and professional.

Here are some types of workplaces you may encounter, and what to wear during an interview:

1. Casual Workplace

For more casual workplaces, professional-looking casual job interview attire is appropriate. The following is a suggested guide to a casual workplace interview outfit:

  • Dark jeans or pants
  • A blouse, button-down shirt or polo, either with patterns or bold colors
  • A knee-length skirt
  • A knee-length dress
  • A cardigan
  • Flats or heels, closed-toe shoes that are neat and clean
  • Jewelry that complements the outfit, although you may want to avoid jewelry if you typically fidget with it since this can be distracting

2. Business Casual Workplace

Dress up a bit more for a business casual environment, especially if you’re applying for a client-facing role. The following is a suggested guide to a business casual workplace interview outfit:

  • Black or navy dress pants
  • Black or navy dress knee-length dress or pencil skirt
  • Button-down shirt or blouse
  • Cardigan or jacket (blazer is optional)
  • Flats, heels, oxfords or loafers
  • Belts and ties are optional
  • Jewelry that complements the outfit but isn’t too bold


3. Business Formal Workplace

For a formal workplace, you might dress up even more. The following is a suggested guide for a formal workplace interview outfit:

  • A dark-colored suit
  • A tailored dress with a matching jacket
  • A knee-length skirt with a matching jacket
  • Suit pants, button-down shirt or blouse and jacket
  • A tie
  • Closed-toed shoes, flats or heels, oxfords
  • Classic jewelry that complements the outfit but isn’t bold

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