February 24, 2024

Ikea Hiring Age: IKEA, a Swedish furniture company with over 40 sites in the United States, frequently hires new workers to fill a variety of positions in both entry-level and career-focused roles. Interested candidates may submit an application online or in person at a shop.

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Facts Regarding IKEA Employment

  • Hiring 18 years of age (What age must you be to work at IKEA?)
  • Positions available include cashier, salesperson, stock controller, associate in loss prevention, assistant manager, and store manager.

IKEA Job Opportunities

IKEA is well known for its eco-friendly, straightforward, and contemporary architectural furniture and interior design.

It combines cost management, ongoing product development, and global expansion while efficiently keeping price points below the competitors.

Jobs remain available across the board due to the company’s ongoing expansion, particularly in the retail stores and delivery facilities spread out across the nation.

The furniture business continually seeks candidates who show a sincere interest in working with the public, are prompt, and are flexible with their schedules.

After beginning their careers as in-store employees, workers regularly experience promotions to management positions thanks to the leading furniture retailer’s constant internal promotion policy.

More on IKEA Job Opportunities

The interior design and furnishings retailer’s entry-level positions frequently involve stock and customer service responsibilities.

Cashier, sales associate, and replenishment associate positions are frequently open. Additionally, each location provides distinct chances in a number of divisions, such as child care and restaurant services.

Since the corporation normally maintains a direct supervisor, an assistant manager, and a store manager role in each area, more career-focused people may look for managerial jobs within the business.

Additional retail or comparable industry experience, as well as potential further education, may be required for managerial positions.

IKEA Positions and Salary Information

For most positions within the company, the store normally looks for people who are at least 18 years old and have a high school education or the equivalent.

For managerial positions, more experience could be deemed necessary, however, internal candidates are sometimes taken into consideration as well. Below is a list of the positions that are most easily accessible:

Sales Associate

A sales assistant may help consumers identify products, assist with check-out, and cycle stock in various areas, among other parts of the retail job.

People who exhibit self-starting attitudes, high levels of motivation for success, and the capacity to function well both alone and as a member of a team generally get the job.

Employees frequently need to demonstrate an aptitude for picking up new concepts, using suggestive selling methods, and comprehending how to maximize sales and profitability.

A sales associate often works part-time and makes between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour.

Associate for Resupply

Resupply associates, also known as stock workers, frequently put in between 15 and 30 hours each week determining the needs of the business for items.

Transporting products and other objects as needed throughout the business is part of the job description.

Additionally, workers are allowed to keep their workplaces organized and report any obvious damage to inventory and merchandise that violates store standards.

Associates in replenishment should have a commitment to customer service, be able to solve problems and be able to function successfully in a team environment.

A replenishment associate could have to work a variety of hours, including weekends and late shifts.

The typical hourly wage ranges from $10.00 to $13.00.


The store provides both career professionals and employees with no prior supervisory experience with a variety of management options.

The majority of the time, department managers are promoted sales associates who oversee specific parts of the shop and their subordinate staff while dealing with consumers there.

Assistant managers and store managers efficiently managed the administrative functions of each store, such as staffing, training, initiating store promotions, responding to customer complaints and difficulties, and assuring sales and profitability.

To be eligible for employment, managers may need to complete further training, certificates, degrees, and work experiences.

Depending on the store, the employee’s tenure, and the position, management employees frequently receive yearly compensation options between $50,000 and $80,000.

Tips For Applying

The furniture and design retailer gives job seekers a thorough and simple way to obtain employment through the creation of profiles on the corporate website.

Before submitting the required employment paperwork, interested candidates can look through the open vacancies.

Aspirants may select Apply to Job after discovering openings that match their relevant talents and fill out their profile information, including where applicable, uploading their resumes and CVs.

Candidates who complete profiles can use the information they’ve saved to apply for additional positions at a later time if they need to.

Application Status

Usually, candidates hear back from hiring authorities one to two weeks after submitting their applications.

Form emails often indicate the kinds of correspondence expected from applicants who submit online applications.

Applying in person may facilitate candidates getting interviews with the retailer right away, particularly for positions in-store that need to be filled right away.

If at all feasible, put on acceptable attire and bring copies of the hiring documents.

Workers who haven’t heard back from candidates after a reasonable amount of time should take the effort to contact, email, or go to the store to politely find out how their application stands.

The action demonstrates a sincere desire to find employment.


Benefits of Working at IKEA

When hired, employees receive a wide range of job advantages from the multinational corporation. The design and furniture retailer provides qualified employees with medical, dental, and vision benefits in addition to high pay rates, chances for growth, and flexible work hours.

Employees receive retail discounts that are available everywhere, as well as:

  • Sick time
  • Paid vacations, and
  • Time off

Additionally, some employees could be given access to 401(k) retirement plans that are available to the entire organization.

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